Kanoa 8.10x 17

Ideal economy paddle in 2 and 3 piece travel configuration. This has been one of our most successful paddles to date, offering value for money and quality of build.

Kanoa 8.10x 17

Key Features

  • 170x220
  • 920 gr
  • 170x220
  • 980 gr

The Kanoa is available as a 2 and 3 piece adjustable paddle and features a carbon-composite shaft, strong and light enough to be easily managed. The blade is constructed of polycarbonate, a super tough plastic which will take the knocks and abuse from impacting on rocks or harsh treatment. Some flex in the blade protects young muscles from injury and new paddlers with protection from muscle strain.

8.10 x 17 blade size
Flat blade face
Palm grip
Shaft flex moderate
Incremental telescopic adjustable shaft measurements in inches and cm
Round shaft
Carbon Composite Shaft
Polycarbonate blade which cushions young muscles and tendons