Palma Unisex Polar Without Lining - M

Our microfibre polyester polar fleece offers excellent warmth to weight ratio helping to trap in warm air.


An excellent option when you want to avoid bulky garments to keep the cold out. Use as a practical, effective outer layer with multiple thin thermal layers. Quick drying and easy care, this polar fleece zippered jacket benefits from a wind and waterproof primary front zipper. The shoulder panels are hydrophobic for resisting light showers, velcro tab wrist fasteners allow for closing tight to prevent heat loss, and a fold-up collar protects the neck from cold winds, the zipper extending the total height. 

Performance Highlights
The thermally efficient design works exceptionally well in combination with layered undergarments. Traps body heat between the fibres and quick drying in the case of showers; the hydrophobic shoulder panels offer light shower proofing. With a high-neck zipper and wrist wrap velcro, the jacket can be sealed up to trap body heat.

Feature Benefits
Polyester fleece with hydrophobic properties
Thermally efficient Quick drying
Waterproof primary zipper
Hydrophobic shoulder panels
Super comfortable fit Wrist wrap velcro
High warmth-to-weight ratio.

Polyester polar fleece, waterproof primary zipper, velcro wrist wrap.

Product size
  • Product size - Clothing M
  • Gender Unisex
  • Color Black