Double-Action inflatable SUP pump

Double-Action inflatable SUP pump

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Need a spare pump? Use for inflating SUPs or Wing Sail bladders (adaptor may be required). Great value spare or additional device that offers dual action inflation with easy read gauge.

  • Double-action
  • 2 kg
  • Easy read gauge
  • Great value

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Permits you to inflate initially with both up and downward strokes up to 5 psi. Flip switch to revert to single action as the pressure increases within the chamber.

Keep telescopic mechanism free from sand and debris.

DOUBLE ACTION = air is pumped in on the upward and downward stroke.
Use this method up to 5psi to achieve faster inflation.

SINGLE ACTION = air is pumped into the board.
Flip switch to change to this mode, as the air pressure increases.

Store dry