Inflatable SUP Universal Fin Box 9” (22.86cm)


Inflatable SUP Universal Fin Box 9” (22.86cm)


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A replacement fin box for your inflatable SUP board, or add side bite fins for CONVERTING your SUP board to use with a Wing Sail. A simple addition that will allow you to use a wing sail and extend the use of your board for wing surfing fun.

  • Add additional fins
  • Convert for Wing Surfing
  • Easy fit

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9″ PVC fin box for inflatable SUP board.

Converts your inflatable SUP for Wing Surfing fun. Simply fit parallel and approximately one third the distance up from the tail of your board and 20cm inwards to provide added longitudinal directional stability when used with US fins of 5″ length and upwards.


PVC / nylon construction. Adheres to PVC board using contact glue. 9″ box length. Measure and mask area where fin box required. Use 150 grit sand paper to make rough both the board surface and underside of fin box pad. Clean with acetone. Apply PVC contact glue to both surfaces and allow to be near dry. Press into place and leave for 24 hrs before use. Clean up with Acetone.

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