Configure your optimal hydrofoil system, specifically designed for wing foiling and suitable for freestyle and freeriding in moderate to strong winds.



Here you can put together your perfect foiling configuration that suits your riding style and interests, be it freeride, freestyle, surf or downwind. Creating your ideal Mistral SABfoil Kit you can match the mast, fuselage, front wing and tail spar or purchase an additional component to add to your existing kit. On this page you will find tips on how to best combine the main components.

Included equipment
  • Mast Select mast in the configurator above
  • Front Wing Select mast in the configurator above
  • Stab Select mast in the configurator above
  • Fuselage Select mast in the configurator above
  • Rail Plate CP02K Carbon Rail Plate Stainless Plate to Board Rail Screws and Truck Nuts
  • Connection Hardware MH138 Hardware Kit for F703K, Flat Head Screws Hex M8x35x2 + Conical Washers x2 MH107 Hardware Kit for Stab 207 Flat Head screws M6x16mmx2 MH134 Hardware Kit for FW2100 Flat Head Screws Hex M8x35x1 + Flat Head Screws Hex M8x30 x2
  • Vibration Pads Foam Pads to fit Carbon Rail Plate
  • Tools Allen Keys, Torx Key, Grease
  • Shims -0,5°/-1°/-1,5°/-2°/-2,5°/-3°
  • Bag description Hydrofoil kit bag fits all items
  • Mast Specs Choices: 63cm or 83cm
  • Front Wing Specs Choices: (1100 sq cm) x 799mm, (1747 sq cm) x 999mm, (880 sq cm) x 699 cm, (1300 sq cm) x 945 cm, (1383 sq cm) x 899 mm, (2100 sq cm) x 1100 mm
  • Fuselage Specs Choices: 70.3cm or 75.3cm
  • Carbon Plate Carbon dual rail
  • Rear Stabiliser 399 sq cm, 430 sq cm, 483 sq cm
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Carbon mast, rear stabiliser and rail plate. Aluminium fuselage. Marine-grade hardware.
  • Care Use silicone gel supplied or similar before connecting hardware. Rinse connection points thoroughly with fresh water after use!
  • Storage Flush with fresh water, and dismantle and grease all connection points. Store in the bag supplied.


Front wingsFW699FW799FW899FW945FW999FW1100
Surface in cm288011001383130017472100
Span in mm6997998999459991100
Root Chord in mm170170187185225246
Connection TypeT8T8T8T8T8T8



Surface (cm2)207240316
Span (mm)399430483
Root Chord (mm)646885
Thickness (mm)77,511,5
Volume (cm3)84102 
Weight (G)107109 
MaterialFull CarbonFull CarbonFull Carbon
Height (mm)830630
Thickness Top (mm)18,618,6
Thickness Middle (mm)15,515,9
Thickness Bottom (mm)13,913,9
Chord A (mm)137,8137,8
Chord B (mm)113,8116,7
Chord C (mm)110,8110,8
Weight (g)14581190
MaterialFull CarbonFull Carbon
Fuselage ConnectionKMS (R8)(KMS R8)



Length (mm)703753