A classic Malibu-shaped longboard SUP which has the versatility of being able to screw in an 8mm windsurfing mast foot or use with a wing foil wing. Fun in higher winds and perfect for casual paddling or riding small waves.

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Ride a wave, harness the wind or paddle; the Malibu is a genuine all-rounder board. An 8mm thread allows the fitting of a windsurfing rig, or use a wing foil wing for wingsurfing. The classic surfboard shape features cork laminate over fibreglass and epoxy, making for an evocative design. The Sunburst 9’6 is a short and nimble Malibu board, ideal for lightweight riders of varied abilities who may want to ride a wave, paddle or windsurf. Suits riders up between 45-70kg. 

  • Deck Pad Very comfortable, non-slip EVA foam pad. Promotes long-lasting foot comfort and reduces fatigue, backed by high levels of grip and traction for more control while paddling and an improved level of stability.
  • Windsup 8mm deck thread for Windsurfing rig.
  • Handle Deep recessed and flanged carry handle for ease of carrying and positive control.
  • Valve An air expansion valve is featured within the deck to release expanded air from the inner foam core due to heat build-up to prevent deformation.
  • Base Material Fibreglass / epoxy with EPS foam core and bamboo top deck laminate.
  • Box Type 2 x US Boxes, rear and centre, 2 x FCS side bites
  • Deck Profile Flat
  • Rail Profile Soft towards nose with tucked under edges
  • Tail Profile Squash
  • Handle Design Deep recess
  • Level Intermediate
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Fibreglass/epoxy, EPS foam core with bamboo top deck laminate.
  • Care Avoid high impact with rocks and objects which my cause damage. Do not leave exposed to strong sunlight for an extended time. If securing to car roof rack, do not over-tighten straps. Repair with epoxy only.
  • Storage For outside storage, use a board bag for the protection of your board. Rinse with freshwater before storage. Minimising any exposure to the elements. If you can store indoors, store on horizontal or vertical vertical rack. Avoid heat sources.
  • Color Green / Yellow
Board Length Board Width Board Thickness Surface area
9'6 31" 3.54" Vol 157L
  • Board Volume (L) 157