Mistral Adventurist sup hardboard| touring cruising board

Your adventure starts here with a board that’s not only stable with ample volume, but deceptively sleek in the water, with wave piercing sturgeon nose design and long parallel rails. Don’t be fooled by the 28” width, this board feels substantial under foot and a pleasure to paddle with excellent glide and efficiently. The graphics are subdued but classic Mistral and the carbon construction ensures it is extra durable for adventuring trips. Not just for adventuring, the Adventurist makes a great additional board if you wish to take your paddling to another level, without the investment in a top of the range design. Use this board for the 11 Cities SUP race for example and you will not be disappointed.​

  • Length
  • Width
  • Thickness
  • Weight
  • Liters
  • Buoyancy
  • 426
  • 71
  • 22
  • 14.40 kg
  • 287
  • 65-100
  • Length: 426
  • Width: 71
  • Thickness: 22
  • Weight: 14.40 kg
  • Liters: 287