Mistral Interceptor sup hardboard| downwind, open waters board

Investing in a board specific for down winding, also suggests you should be living in an area of trade winds in order to maximise your investment through use. Therefore, we’ve set out to create a board which is a great performer downwind up to moderate conditions of intensity, but will also hold its own in flatter waters. This is achieved by avoiding any radical rocker lines front a back in order to maximise water line length and prevent any snow-ploughing when the water flattens out. We have ensured a rounded displacement in the forward section so as keep the hull fast and loose in this front section which proves very much more efficient when wanting to push onto small bumps or larger and certainly improves flat water performance in reducing surface tension and resistance. The nose volume and rocker combine to keep the nose from nose diving without overdoing the curvature which only serves to reduce potential hull speed and act to push water rather than glide over it. This then translates into a flat spot under the paddler when they are in the neutral position over the boards centre of gravity and buoyancy.

Rudder System
Fabricated from carbon fibre, the steering system is tuneable in being able to be set at varying distances according to finding the ‘sweet spot’ that works for you. Supplied with 2 differing tiller arms, you can opt to set up for ‘Goofy’ (right foot forward) or ‘Regular’ (left foot forward). Setting the system up is a simple process, but worth the time and effort in order to suit paddling styles and standing position on the board.

  • Length
  • Width
  • Thickness
  • Weight
  • Liters
  • Buoyancy
  • 536
  • 61
  • 11.50 kg
  • 307
  • 75-110
  • Length: 536
  • Width: 61
  • Weight: 11.50 kg
  • Liters: 307