Petronella Van Malsen

Petronella Van Malsen

  • Age: 36
  • From: Netherlands
  • The Netherlands
  • Current place of stay
  • Haarlem
Based in Haarlem and Zandvoort in the Netherlands, Petronella holds a Bachelor Degree in Sport and Physical Education.

A fan of travelling, reading, kitesurfing, mountain bike riding, cross fit, eating and drinking with family and friends, Petronella is one of the Netherlands most popular stand up paddlers. She loves downwind paddling and loves challenging race and experiences. ‘For me, SUP offers me freedom to challenge myself mentally and physically while also enjoying the peace as well as the battle with the elements of nature.’ She is the current Dutch National Marathon Champion from 2016 and finished runner up to Seychelle Hattingh in the same year at the 11 Cities event and finished 1st in the Eurotour Namur Long Distance Race, 7th at the Lost Mills Eurotour Race and finished 2nd at the Battle of the Coast Zandvoort Beach Race. She loves being on the ocean or in land.

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