Tempest 120L Wing foil board + 'Sabre' 1700 Hydrofoil + 6m Wing

Our 1700cm2 Sabre wing foil system has been pre-selected for the rider who wants a ready-to-go ‘bagged’ wingfoiling solution. For learning up to the upper ends of intermediate riding, the 2000cm2 provides ease of lifting, high top-end speed, and manoeuvrability with the shorter fuselage, and the stable, high-volume tempest board will suit riders up to 100kg.



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The heart of foiling lies in the quality and designs of the hydrofoil componentry. If you've pre-existing skills from related sports, you will immediately embrace the quality and performance, accelerating your learning curve.

MISTRAL SABRE HYDROFOIL SET 1700/M82/F82: With 1700cm2 of surface area, this hydrofoil set-up will have you up quickly on the foil. For learning up to the upper ends of intermediate riding, the 1700cm2 provides ease of lift, superb top-end speed and manoeuvrability with the shorter fuselage. Mistral’s ‘First Flight’ Sabre Foils deliver ease of take-off and high-pitch stability to promote level flight. Our goal was to create foils that would perform beyond the first flight experience into the realms of levels of speed and performance sought by advanced riders. In this respect, unlockable potential means our Sabre can exceed the performance needs of first-flight riders.

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TEMPEST 6'7 WINGFOILING BOARD: Careful volume distribution and surface area provide added stability on the water with this board and ease of take-off. Multiple reinforced foot strap plugs are provided for the progressive rider.  Features a large single concave cushioning zone in the front nose section, angulated box rails, flat tail to midsection rocker and added nose lift. If you’re 80kg, you need a board volume approximating 100 litres. Take into account your balance skills and pre-existing skill levels.

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MISTRAL 6.0m2 WING: Our 6.0m2 wing suit riders under 85kg and winds of 10-25knots or heavier riders in higher winds. The webbed handles are optimally positioned for micro-management, and the front yoke is ideal for flying neutral downwind and wing recovery in the water. The omission of a window ensures optimum aerodynamics, and a lighter overall wing, lessening fatigue in lighter winds. Angled wing tips minimise surface contact and promote ease of learning and improved control. Small, compact and easy to manage, it makes for ease of use and high levels of control. A wrist leash is provided for rider-to-wing connection, a good performer in light and moderately strong winds.

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Included equipment
  • Leash BOARD TO RIDER 10' coiled safety leash attaches to the rear deck D-ring, the padded cuff fitting below the knee or around the ankle. WING TO RIDER wrist leash supplied with the wing.
  • Bag HYDROFOIL: Waterproof and lined with internal pockets to fit the complete set and additional equipment. Zippered, Cordura heavy-duty design. Individual bags per item. WINGSAIL: Drawstring nylon bag.
  • Mast Aluminum
  • Front Wing Carbon
  • Stab Carbon
  • Fuselage Aluminum
  • Rail Plate Aluminum
  • Connection Hardware Hex bolts supplied
  • Tools Hex spanner, Tef gel
  • Shims -1, 0, +1, +2, +3
  • Foot Strap 3 high quality, removable, padded, adjustable foot straps for barefoot or boot riding.
  • Valve An air expansion valve is featured within the deck to release expanded air from the inner foam core due to heat build-up to prevent deformation.
  • Deck Profile Flat
  • Deck Pad A soft, high-grip textured foam deck standing area provides bare-foot comfort and under-foot grip for short or long sessions.
  • Rail Profile Bevelled
  • Tail Profile Rounded diamond
  • Box Type Dual 10" US box for rail plate
  • Mast Specs Aluminium 82cm height
  • Front Wing Specs 2000sq cm surface area 12k carbon twill
  • Fuselage Specs Aluminium 82cm length. Milled from billeted aluminium direct from our 3D files using CNC technology
  • Carbon Plate Dual rail plate (aluminium)
  • Rear Stabiliser 320sq cm surface area 12k carbon twill
  • Handle Design Carbon deep recess
  • Riding level Starter
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description 20kg/sqm EPS foam core 6oz carbon hull and 4+6oz carbon laminate deck construction with carbon reinforced dual 10” US box system and reinforced rails.
  • Care Rinse all items with fresh water and air dry before stowing. IMPORTANT: Use gel on all foil hex bolts before assembly. Rinse with fresh water after use. Avoid seizure.
  • Storage Rinse all items a store dry away from heat sources.
  • Color Grey, Orange
Length Thickness Volume (L)
6'7 5.2" | 13.2 cm 120