26th March 2021

There comes a time when you need to shift gears and head towards the future!

These past 12 months have been intense within the watersports industry and you would think with a global pandemic, the uptake in watersports would have been put on hold; but to imagine it has escalated in certain key areas beyond any reasonable expectation is hard to comprehend.

Nevertheless, the numbers tell the story of positive growth across stand-up paddling, windsurfing and the new sport of wing foiling, a foiling sport which is all together wholesome and accessible to the many; not just the domain of speed junkies and adrenalin seekers.

With this, comes new demands to be ever more innovative, creative and forward thinking so as to future proof our reason to be and remain relevant. A new energy is required to cope with these demands, a new level of approach and this often means the introduction of ‘new blood’ in order bring about new ideas and a new way of doing things. Importantly we need proper science to support our intuition and for this we introduce Cameron Stewart.

Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics is our Business

At the peak or zenith of what we do, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics are central design concerns; or what you may hear termed as ‘Form and Function’. Not only do our products have to perform, but they should ideally look good and evoke something within the rider.

Our design team is expanding with the times and with we welcome Cameron to our team, a student of Naval Architecture and a Design Engineer for 4 years at Southboat’s on the Isle of Wight in the England, designing Vessels to work in the north sea. Following this Stewart was working freelance in London for 3 years designing all manner of things that float including a 32m floating restaurants to bespoke pre-preg carbon parts whilst also managing the family business located on the River Thames.

Project of note included working on the Thinnair Moth with Mike Lennon and David Hollom to design the Thinnair, adapting their combined ideas and design the concepts, to create construction drawings. Hydrofoils – I’ve designed foils for several boats including “the Flying Mantis” the Thinnair (with Dave Hollom), and more recently worked on the production prototypes for Kitesurfing Hydrofoils designed to the formula rule in conjunction with a Spanish team, production design and construction role, so we actually built these at our facility in London.