Ulani Blue paddle - 2pcs

For the heavier paddler looking for added grip with the benefit of all-carbon construction.


An all-carbon, high-aspect blade shape, offering loads of power. The Ulani features long parallel side edges relative to its width. This creates a powerful, well-balanced blade, with its centre of effort (resistance) positioned mid-way up the height of the blade, particularly well suited to the taller paddler. The design encourages the blade to stay upright longer during the power phase. Lightweight and high-quality carbon construction, the shaft offers medium flex, encouraging recoil on exit and cushioning during the pull phase. Includes fully extendable shaft length with an anti-twist mechanism for multiple users or different board thicknesses, the ideal all-rounder.

Included equipment
  • Bag description Nylon drawstring bag with carry handle.
  • Paddle 2-part paddle.
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description A unidirectional carbon-epoxy shaft ensures continuous, even curvature. Carbon-epoxy 12k twill blade, foam core and reinforced PVC blade edging.
  • Care Sand out any blade chips with 150 grit, and use epoxy only for repairs.
  • Storage Store in a bag away from intense UV light and heat.
  • Colour Black
Surface area
96.1² inches (blade length 17.5” x width 6.9” 
 Weight: 730 kg)