In the practice of yoga, ASANA denotes the art of sitting still and also any posture useful for restoring and maintaining a practitioner’s well being and improving the body’s flexibility and vitality, cultivating the ability to remain in seated meditation for extended periods. Our Asana is super stable, smooth skinned, practical platform for on water Yoga and other form of exercise.

Product overview


Combine with our super easy to use sand anchor! 

For practicing a variety of Yoga poses or Pilates movements, it requires a clutter free platform, that's smooth and stable.

The Asana, radiates a sense of calm on account of its graphics, includes; a clutter-free deck for easy movement on the board and therefore nothing to trip over or poke into you. There’s a cargo net for securing clothing, drinks bottles or a dry bag. A grab handle on the tail makes for ease of grabbing the board when in the water or on land. Side D-rings for the attachment and addition of an adjustable shoulder strap, make carrying the board a breeze. Use the D-rings to attach rubber bands for use for sit ups or for isometric exercises.

A single slide-in 9.25” fin, secured with a pin, makes for ease of removal and makes the tail area stable and paddling in a straight line effortless. 

Popular not just for SUP Yoga and Fitness, this style board is easy to paddle and super stable and therefore doubles well as a durable dual-purpose board for paddling and exercise.

  • 11’5 x 32" x 5" x 24.2lbs / 348cm x 78.74cm x 12.70cm x 11kg 
  • Stainless steel leash D-ring
  • Nose and tail D-ring for use with our sand anchor, towing or securing.
  • Rear grab handle
  • Side carry handles
  • Shoulder carry strap
  • Slide in fin / push pin securement
  • Bow cargo net
  • Super stable - lowered centre of gravity with 5" thickness
  • Comfortable brushed EVA
  • New 2017 Bag and Pump!


  • Large capacity, hard wearing, wheeled travel bag, with water-proof internal lining, internal and external frapping straps.
  • Single and double action hand pump, with wide foot base and pump handle
  • Repair kit