The LIMPOPO 11', we like to think of as a ‘River Drifter’ - for meandering down stream at a leisurely pace taking in the sights and smells of nature, but equally at home in being raced down river or taking on something more challenging. It's built tough and is versatile enough to be used for conventional paddling on any body of water.

Product overview


Drifting down river, can become effortless effort, where nature does most of the work, while the rider simply guides the board, taking the occasional steering stroke to keep the board headed in the right direction. Lengthned to 11' for 2017, the Limpopo makes for an ideal river racer, cruiser or drifter.

We’ve opted for a tri-fin arrangement, which includes smaller 3” outer thrusters to provide added grip and control in the turns and a central 4.6" flex fin, housed within a US fin box. Constructed using our heavy duty drop stitch material and reinforced rails using extra wide seam tapes. Removable fins, provide the user with the chance to experiment and replace fin set ups. We've also avoided recoil fin systems which flick up and back into place, believing that any form of mechanical device is more likely to fail than to work.

We’ve included important grab handles in key areas in the nose and tail, a wide-mouthed cargo net for dry bag, leash plug, 4cm kicker-pad for step back confidence and control and an under-side D-ring for towing or securing. Like the Colorado, it features stunning graphics, designed to enhance and elevate the riders experience and love of the board.

Key features:

  • 11’ x 34” x 6” x 365lts x 30lbs / 305cm x 86.30cm x 15.24cm x 13.9kgs 
  • Stainless leash D-Ring
  • Stainless Nose D-Ring (underside)Tail D-Ring
  • Rear grab handle
  • 4.6" Flexible central fin - US Fin Box
  • 3" Flexible side bit fins - US Fin Box
  • Central carry handle
  • Bow cargo net
  • Nose grab handle
  • Nose side grab handles
  • Dual rail reinforcement
  • 4cm Kicker pad
  • High Density Drop Stitch (HDDS)
  • Waist worn leash recommended
  • New 2017 Bag and Pump!



  • Large capacity, hard wearing, wheeled travel bag, with water-proof internal lining, internal and external frapping straps.
  • Single and double action hand pump, with wide foot base and pump handle
  • Repair kit