WindSUP® Adventuring

The highly popular SANTA ANNA Adventure WindSUP® models are now available in 12'6, 11'5 and 10'6 models. A great performing all rounder for adventure paddling and for conversion to sail power, using our unique mast plate, supplied standard and now upgraded along with our mix and match rigs. Great retro colours, grab handles all round and front and rear cargo nets, the Santa Anna is a real winner when it comes to versatility, performance and good looks.

Product overview


The WindSUP® Santa Anna has been designed to be as practical as possible as both SUP and WindSUP®, so much. We’ve ensured a nice sleek looking nose and have based the shape upon our Lombok 11’5 design. Now with our FLT - Fusion Layer Techology. 

The Santa Anna sets out to capture the imagination of the end user in using strong, striking modern retro graphics and a WindSUP® system and rig that makes it the market leader in terms of practically and sheer appeal. 

The wide tail gives the board ample volume and under sail, when it lifts and begins to plane, the tail volume prevents the tail from dropping and the water line length shortening so as there is a nice transition of speed and movement of the hull underneath. We found that rounded pintail shapes, tend to sink under speed, making the board very ‘wet’ and drag was increased. Board is supplied with mast base plate with new ‘clip and go’ system.

Key features

  • SANTA ANNA 12’6 x 30" x 6" x 351lts x 24.69lbs / 348cm x 78.74cm x 15.24cm x 11.2kgs 
  • SANTA ANNA 11’5 x 31" x 6" x 340lts x 22.92lbs / 348cm x 78.74cm x 15.24cm x 10.4kgs 
  • SANTA ANNA 10'6 x 31" x 6" x 3018lts x 22.48lbs 348cm x 78.74cm x 15.24cm x 10.2kgs 
  • Stainless steel leash D-ring 
  • D-ring at the rear for towing or anchoring
  • Rear grab handle
  • Dual side handles
  • Centre carry handle
  • 2 x US screw fit fins
  • Nose and tail cargo nets
  • Mast base supplied (fit your own rig or use Mistral rig)
  • New 2017 Bag and Pump!


The Rig Pack (Optional Extra)

  • 2 piece boom
  • 4 piece mast
  • Mast foot
  • Up-haul
  • Mast extension
  • Choice of 3.0m (Jnr), 4.5m, 5.0m or 6.5m Mistral sails.
  • Neat zippered storage / travel bag


  • Large capacity, hard wearing, wheeled travel bag, with water-proof internal lining, internal and external frapping straps.
  • Single and double action hand pump, with wide foot base and pump handle
  • Repair kit