19th April 2022

The European season is about to begin and we are bracing ourselves for a giant 2022.

Spring breeze and time to rig up and hit the water

Launch of R&D programme

Ever since we launched into our R&D programme for foil development, we have have been fully sheeted in and going at top speed to design, develop, test and manufacture our new foils, boards and wings. This singular project has been all consuming in time and passion. We could have opted for the easy option and gone along the OEM path that many brands take of selecting something from a factory brochure to ‘brand up’; but Mistral is headed back to its roots of originality and authenticity. It is in fact the road least travelled and many brands avoid it where possible; but we’ve now fully embraced the ‘From Concept to Creation’ process to all areas of design and with new owners with big aspirations in place, expect great things. Our first flight foil range is complete and we will soon share with you.

Hydrodynamics and aerodynamics is our business

At the zenith of what we do, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics are central design concerns; what you may hear termed as ‘Form and Function’. Not only do our products have to perform, but they should ideally look good and evoke something within the rider.

And that’s the facts of the matter; but beyond this, we’re a lifestyle company producing aspirational water craft for you the end-user, manifestations of the creative process, often a gruelling but rewarding time and motion challenge as water people ourselves. We love what we do and we know you love riding and using our iconic designs.

To make this all possible, we have qualified Naval Architects, CAD Engineers, National, World and Olympic Champions within our toss salad of talent, making Mistral an ever more powerful force.

Olympian Emma Wilson testing our kit in Menorca