Mistral Wing Foiling

Wing Foiling a Sport in Flux

Only since 2019 has equipment been widely available for wing foiling and there’s an impatience to see the sport grow in line with brands looking for that next ‘thing’ to keep them relevant and on-trend. Hydrofoils are well over 100 years old in concept if you follow Western historical accounts, however Polynesians, masters of maritime architecture of the Pacific, knew of the existence of the concept and replicated it on sail powered model outrigger canoes which pre-dates Western thought.

Foiling is no new thing in board sports. Since the late 1970s, windsurfing eccentrics experimented with the idea in a clumsy, impractical way. At the time, the technology and will of the brands, was not at a stage where it could be made viable in form, function or cost. Besides, windsurfing needed no gimmicks as it was its own force of nature.

Pushed by extreme athletes and brands looking to make an impression, wing foiling has found its niche on account of the fact, it need not be extreme, indeed almost meditative. Wing foiling makes no demands upon you to be a super accomplished athlete nor waterman even even if you see some outrageous exploits on-line. It’s not even so fast over the water that you can loose control in such spectacular fashion as when foiling a windsurfer or when kitesurfing. You can easily power up and down and you always have the option of simply letting your wing go.

In short, never has there been a more user friendly entry into the world of foiling which makes it the most accessible form of foil board related sports. It’s considered much easier to learn than windsurfing or kitesurfing especially for those under 30 and even for those very much older and though it may take several days to several weeks to master the basics depending on your prior skills, the overall fun factor is almost immediate. In many respects, wing foiling seems the best union yet, of foil, board and wind power for the average water sports enthusiast to the extreme thrill seeker.

We look forward to sharing our story of development with you soon along with introducing our creations.

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