Mistral has been associated with a water sports lifestyle since its founding in 1976. It's not just a name or another brand, but indeed a way of life, that has touched hundreds of thousands of people through ownership of our products and millions more who wear our brand. Importantly, we want to share with you through these pages, Mistral lovers in action around the world who are engaged in various commercial activitites in which you can share by visting and making contact, after all, this is the best way to quickly have something in common when travelling; a connection through water and through the brand you love to own and use, when embracing the lifestyle you love. Whether it's Canoe Sailing in Tahiti, or wanting to try your hand at SUP Yoga and Fitness, learn how to SUP or take an advanced course, we aim to link you with the best of the best who also share the love of Mistral.

Mauritius Indian Ocean

River Dart Race UK

From South Africa

Teihotaata 3rd Air France

Ameland Island Holland

Hayling Island England

Mistral South Africa


Sup in Crete

Mistral in Germany

Frangipani SUP England

Air Tahiti Nui

Sur Pacifico Argentina