Accessoires windsurf


Essential Windsurfing Accessories

Windsurfing accessories include:

Windsurfing Harness and Harness Lines.
Wetsuits are frequently worn in cooler waters year-round because of the effects of wind chill.
• Mistral has developed a line of front-zippered wetsuits for men and women in varying thicknesses,
• Front zippered wetsuits offer maximum mobility and limited water ingress.
Board bags such as our Mistral Windsurfer® LT board bag and roof rack pads are all essential considerations.

The Function of a Windsurfing Harness

Using a windsurfing harness is essential once you progress with learning and should be worn as a regular accessory once the winds are above 8 knots and steady concerning youth participation, slightly higher for adults. It requires learning how to fit harness lines and set them to your height and the mechanics of hooking in and unhooking from the harness lines via the harness hook.

• A windsurfing harness is designed to reduce arm fatigue and is an essential accessory that will keep you on the water longer and keep you sailing in one direction for longer.
Designs are either seat-worn or waist-worn.
Seated harnesses are generally preferred for racing, whereas a waist harness is preferred for wave sailing, where manoeuvers are a critical element of the riding style.
Harness lines are attached to the windsurfing boom and are supplied in longer harness lines or shorter harness line lengths, depending on your height and arm length.

Windsurfing Footstrap Replacement

Windsurfing foot straps, first used in 1977, keep the rider connected to the board in high winds and are critical to riding at speed, wave riding and jumping. When they begin to wear out, it's important to replace them. They are adjustable and must be suitable for riding barefoot or with boots. 

Windsurfing Mast Foot

The mast foot is a unique piece of equipment which makes the sport possible.

• The mast foot is one of the most punished items connecting the board and rig it transmits sail energy down into the board.
Having a spare on hand is essential in the event of a failure.
• The urethane joint permits 360-degree movement, and the upper stainless (male) pin slots into the base of the (female) mast extension.
• The pin is securely slotted in, clicks into place, and released by pushing a release button inwards.
• At the opposite end, an 8mm threaded steel end connects to a brass plate within the mast track on the board and is twisted tight to secure.

Windsurfing Technical Wear (Wetsuits)

For most temperate and cool climates, a wetsuit is essential for performance windsurfing.

• For maximum mobility and limited water ingress, a front-zippered suit performs best and is easy to zip and unzip.
Mistral has developed a suitable line of front-zippered wetsuits for men and women in varying thicknesses, offering maximum mobility and limited water ingress.