Mistral Harness 2022

Windsurfing waist harness.

€99.00 €129.95

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Super comfortable, fully adjustable waist-harness for windsurfing with ergonomic contouring. Fully padded for rib protection, front fold over velcro securement flaps, side buckle adjustment, quick-clip fixing and marine grade stainless bar and hook. High-quality stitching and finish. Designed for a variety of windsurfing applications. Use with our adjustable harness lines. Durable and stylish. No matter your ability, this harness will suit the most demanding riders. It is ideal for freeriding and wave sailing.

Min = Max tightening of webbing adjustment
Max = Max slackening of webbing adjustment

Allow for wetsuit thickness
SMALL - Min Waist 27 / 69cm - Max Waist 39 / 100cm
MEDIUM - Min Waist 29.5 / 76cm - Max Waist 43 / 110cm
LARGE - Min Waist 31.5 / 81cm - Max Waist 47 / 120cm
X LARGE - Min Waist 34.5 / 88cm - Max Waist 49.5 / 126cm

Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Cordura webbing, polycarbonate buckles, vinyl, foam padding, felt and polyester, SBR foam—stainless marine grade bar.
  • Care Rinse in fresh water after use.
  • Storage Avoid storing in direct high UV sunlight to prolong material longevity. Rinse with fresh water to evacuate all salt crystals. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place to avoid humid heat sources.