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Mistral's success story starts in 1976

Born out of a passion for wind and water, Mistral developed the innovative concept of windsurfing to extraordinary heights. Originally founded in 1976 by Peter Brockhaus, with Ernstfried Prade as designer, Mistral set the tone in the development of Windsurfing boards. Technological innovations rapidly followed, including new materials being developed and tested. Mistral turned windsurfing into an international sport and became synonymous with windsurfing. Today, Mistral has a strong focus on Stand Up Paddle Boarding and leads the field in a variety of technological innovations and concepts. More than a SUP company, Mistral has a worldwide network of Licensees and is in every sense a true water sports focused, lifestyle company.

Peter Brockhaus establishes Mistral with Ernstfried Prade as designer. Its origins are founded in Switzerland. Even from the early years, Mistral was all about style.
Mistral gained immediate international recognition in 1976 with the creation of the International Mistral Class Organisation (IMCO) founded in the United Kingdom, which still survives to this day. The company recognizes this as it's true 'arrival' date. Prade & Brockhaus
During the 1980s, Robbie Naish's association with Mistral amongst others, elevates the brand with its strong representation in the Hawaiian Islands and beyond. The Naish Years
The Mistral Competition introduced in the early 1980s, sold over 260,000 units. In the past 30 years, Mistral has sold over 850,000 boards worldwide. One Design
In 1989 The Mistral one design was produced. It was this board that was chosen to be the official board for windsurfing as an Olympic discipline and even the only board until now that made it as the official board choice for the Olympic discipline in 3 successions; 1996, 2000 and 2004. Olympic Years
2002, the Windsurfing industry is in decline. 2008, Mistral splits into two parts. Anders Bringdal takes on Mistral windsurfing. Part of the companies consideration was now Stand Up Paddle Boarding the rapidly growing new water sport. Mistral Red Dot is created. Mistral Under License
In 2014, Mistral Red Dot takes back the Mistral Windsurfing license. Steve West enters with over 25 years of experience with the Pacific wide sport of Outrigger Canoeing, a two time world champion, author of over a dozen books and one time pro-Windsurfer. Steve West

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