Over the course of its long history, Mistral has been associated with 99 registered Patents, mostly all associated with windsurfing. Those in production often enriched the rider's experience and elevated the brand's prestige. Names such as Ernstfried Prade, Dr Albert Gaide, Joachim Adamek, Dieter Frank, Urs Meyer, Hans Fichtner, Siegfried Petramer and David Varilek contributed to these early innovations throughout the 1980s. Sliding mast tracks, universal joints, retracting daggerboards, and telescopic booms were all on the list of contributions, including the Mistral Challenge Flex, first created and patented by Mike Tinkler and purchased by Mistral. In recent years, Mistral designed the world's lightest and most highly advanced inflatable paddleboards using German technology and materials, winning an American Industry Award and has since gone on to design outstanding SUP race boards setting distance and course-winning times in the hands of national and international champions. Recently, Mistral invested in foiling, creating a specialist R&D Team to create their first generation of foiling systems, including boards and wings. Continually, Mistral has set the bar high for innovation and originality throughout its history.

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