Chameleon SX / Hookipa 93L | Custom made order


The perfect all-around wave board for those who want a unique design without the stress of choosing between multiple boards. Whether blasting across the Mediterranean or wave sailing in Hawaii, the Custom Chameleon SX 93L delivers.

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The Mistral Custom Chameleon 93L is a custom short board with the mast foot moved a little further back than you may expect, and through careful volume placement in the back foot area with sharp rails and clever foot strap placement, this board likes to be worked off the back foot. The 5-fin configuration allows quad, thruster or twin set-ups to challenge various wind and wave conditions. In contrast, the outline, with a relatively wide tail and straps positioned over the tail, allows for aggressive rail transitions, tight bottom turns and aggressive cutbacks. The rocker line promotes quick planing and acceleration without sacrificing manoeuvrability. At the same time, a concave bottom fades into a double concave and then a deep V toward the tail, the perfect combination to create a board that’s easy to control over choppy wave faces. Shaper: Gianni Valdambrini.

Included equipment
  • Fin Maui Fin Company (MFC) Thruster 1 x Set 19cm + 2 x 11cm

  • Foot Strap Maui Fin Company (MFC) straps x 3, 7mm neoprene padding, internal adjustment system, single or double-insert compatibility, maximum comfort
  • Deck Profile Domed
  • Deck Pad Dual density footpads with shock absorbers
  • Rail Profile Soft towards nose with tucked under edges
  • Tail Profile Swallow / Fishtail
  • Box Type 6’’ US rear fin Boxes + 5’’ US front fin boxes
  • Base Material Carbon, Innegra, Epoxy, EPS foam core
  • Rider level Advanced
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description CAD/CAM shaped using 15 kg/m3 EPS core and laminated with PVC sandwich, double layers in stress areas. Biax and unidirectional carbon in the standing area, biax and unidirectional carbon+innegra deck skin and unidirectional carbon130 S-glass bottom layup. 6” US rear fin boxes and 5” US side bites.
  • Care Avoid high impact with rocks and objects, which may cause damage. Do not store leave exposed to strong sunlight for an extended time. If you want to secure to a car roof rack, please do not over-tighten the straps. Protect rail edges with padding to prevent crushing. Use a board bag. Repairs with epoxy only.
  • Storage For outside storage, use a board bag, created specifically for the protection of your board when not in use. Rinse with freshwater before storage. Minimising exposure to the elements especially strong sunlight. Store indoors, on horizontal or vertical rack. Avoid heat sources. Do not top load with heavy items.
Product size
  • Surface area Volume 93L
  • Color Purple, White
Board Length
7’4 (224.5 cm)