Mistral Miami - Short Sleeve Lycra (Women) - White

Our Mistral Miami Lycra® UV short-sleeve T-shirt is a must-have for water sports enthusiasts who want to enjoy their activities in style and comfort while protecting their skin from harmful UV rays.

29,95 €

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Our Miami Lycra® UV protective short-sleeve T-Shirt is a high-performance garment designed for the ultimate water sports experience and a perfect rash guard for surfing and other water activities. Crafted from the finest quality Lycra® material, this t-shirt offers excellent breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and flexibility, ensuring prolonged comfort and freedom of movement. The fabric is also UV-resistant, making it ideal for prolonged exposure to sunlight. Perfect for warmer climates and summer activities. The bright colours offer his visibility in the water. 

Materialien, Pflege & Lagerung
  • Materialien Lycra®
  • Pflege Always wash your Lycra clothing on a delicate cycle in cold water. You can use natural detergent and other additives to get rid of germs or smells from sweat in the fabric. Add baking soda for the smell: Adding simple household baking soda to the wash will make your Lycra clothing smell great.
  • Lagerung Never store wet, as mould will form. Rinse with fresh water and air dry. Store away from heat sources and away from humidity.
  • Farbe Weiß
  • Fit Ausgestattet
  • Geschlecht Frauen
  • Sleeve type Kurzarm
  • Season Frühling/Sommer