Aruba 10'6 - Inflatable SUP set

Seize the day with our Aruba 10'6 inflatable paddleboard! Designed with fun-loving families in mind, this paddleboard embodies vibrant colours, practicality, and ease of use. All in one convenient package. Whether exploring serene lakes, riding gentle waves at the beach, or simply soaking up the sun, the Aruba 10'6 SUP is your ultimate companion for holiday fun and water adventures.

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Long enough to take you somewhere yet short and agile enough to allow for tailspins and hijinks, the Aruba 10’6 inflatable paddleboard delivers family smiles and enjoyment on many levels. The Aruba’s generous width of 33” and high 325l volume provide a super stable platform that’s confidence-building for first-time paddleboards and children who can explore the many different ways in which this blow-up paddleboard delivers: whether standing, sitting or used as a swimming platform.

The Aruba blow-up paddleboard’s ease of transportation means you can enjoy sheltered paddleboarding from the beach or inland lakes, or should you travel to the ends of the earth, the Aruba is easily transported and quickly inflated, no matter where in the world you find yourself. Designed with the busy lifestyle in mind, the Aruba is the ideal inflatable SUP board for the opportunist. Its vibrant colours and practical design make it a true life-enhancing SUP watercraft capable of supporting a combined weight of up to 100 kg. Whether you're squeezing in a quick paddle session after work or planning a weekend getaway with the family, the Aruba is ready to accompany you on your recreational aquatic escapades.

If storage space-saving, ease of transportation, speed of readiness and packing away without special tools are important factors for you, the compact, lightweight Aruba 10’6 all-in-one paddleboard solution delivers. Enjoy stand-up paddling or kayaking using the deck D-rings to secure a kayak seat. Moor up or hitch a tow using the bow-mounted towing ring and use the elasticated cargo lines to secure provisions such as water bottles, dry bags or spray jackets. A rear-mounted handle provides control on the beach or when in the water and underfoot, the high-grip soft foam provides comfort and traction to the feet and an action camera mount allows you to capture the fun.

This comprehensive SUP package includes everything needed for your paddleboarding adventures, including a dual action pump, a 3-part paddle, a leg leash, a repair kit, and our race-proven performance weed-free fin, which allows for tool-free fitting. Our advanced external PVC outer-shell technology, supported internally by 15,000 high tensile polyester threads per metre between deck and hull, results in an unparalleled robust, stiff, durable, inflatable paddle board construction.

Seize the day, and let our Aruba 10’6 x 33” inflatable paddleboard enhance your paddleboarding lifestyle with its versatile design, unmatched stability, and convenient features. Ideal for family life!

Included equipment
  • Paddle Three-piece Solea telescopic SUP travel paddle (178cm-210cm) with an aluminium shaft and hard-wearing polycarbonate blade (83 sq inches) shaped to deliver maximum grip in the water.
  • Fin Mistral 8” x 180 gram Blue Silver Tip polycarbonate high-performance SUP weed-free fin designed for optimum lateral stability and manoeuvrability. Includes 1 x spare fin screw and a plate for securing the fin.
  • Leash A 10' coiled SUP safety leg leash which attaches to the board’s rear deck D-ring; the padded-cuff fitting can be connected below the knee or around the ankle.
  • Bag 100 x 90 x 20 cm. Recycled polyester carry bag with internal paddle pocket, loops to secure repair kit and QR code link to SUP manual.
  • Pump Dual-action SUP hand pump for quick inflation, with pressure gauge indicating internal pressure.
  • Repair Kit The repair tube includes a valve wrench tool to tighten (or replace) the valve, PVC patches and contact adhesive for basic repairs, 1x extra paddle clam screw, and 1x fin screw and plate. QR code link to repair tips & tricks.
  • Number of chambers Single chamber
  • Chamber A singular air chamber inflates via a single valve and comprises the whole of the inflatable SUP board. When inflated, the internal void is filled with air under pressure.
  • Valve Nose mounted superior, H4 valve tested to 60psi. Front mounted position, offers superior ease of removing air from the internal chamber when deflating and folding. Fold from the tail to bow to remove air from chamber.
  • Action Camera Mount Convenient 'Action Camera' mount for popular action camera brands such as Go-Pro. Capture your SUP adventures to share on your social media.
  • Cargo elastics 5mm, super stretch cargo elastics guaranteed to secure your dry bag, jacket, water bottle and other items. Secured by marine grade stainless steel D-rings and thermo-welded PVC roundel patches. Easily removed and or replaced.
  • Deck Profile Flat
  • Deck Pad Ultra-comfort, high-grip foam EVA decking. Promotes prolonged foot comfort reducing fatigue, aided by high levels of grip and traction for paddling control and improved levels of stability.
  • Central carry handle Central carry handle, positioned for balanced control in low or higher winds. Soft, wide, webbing, neoprene covered for added finger-carrying comfort and improved control.
  • D-rings for Kayak seat Marine-grade stainless steel D-ring fitment points x 4. 2 x forward and 2 x rear, spaced 90cm apart, will take any SUP kayak seat with x 4 webbing straps and clips. Provides added functionality to your paddleboard allowing you to kayak with a kayak paddle
  • Towing and mooring D-ring Essential for towing and mooring your SUP board, this marine-grade stainless steel D-ring is secured by a PVC thermo-welded patch for added load bearing resistance.
  • Rail Profile Round
  • Tail handle This tail grab handle provides added control when recovering your SUP board at the shoreline or in the water. Also assists when instructing others in being able to control the board.
  • Tail Profile Squash
  • Box Type Single rear US Box
  • Riding level Starter, Intermediate
  • Ideal (combined) weight Up to 110 kg
Materials, care & storage
  • Construction technology Knitted Dropstitch technology (KDT)
  • About construction technology Knitted Dropstitch Technology fabric is created by knitting two layers of polyester substrate sandwiched between air-tight PVC to create a single layer (skin), using thousands of small threads perpendicular to the layers. Knitted drop-stitch material crea
  • Threads per m2 15.000
  • Paddle shaft Material Aluminium
  • Care Inspect seams regularly, carry out repairs using repair kit provided. Tighten valve using spanner supplied if leaking air. Remove stubborn marks with white spirit or PVC cleaner. Do not use abrasive creams or pads. Avoid prolonged strong UV exposure.
  • Storage Deflated Storage: Remove the fin, rinse the board with fresh water, towel or air dry. Deflate and fold neatly, place in the bag, and store indoors in a dry, well-ventilated space. Avoid humid heat sources. Inflated Storage: Repeat all steps, partially deflate to 8psi.
  • Activities Recreational Fun, Kayaking
  • Environment Calm inland waters, Sheltered coastal waters
  • Performance attributes Highly Stable, Manoeuvrable
  • Color Blue, Orange, Pink
Board length Board Width Board Thickness Board Volume (L)
10'6 | 320 cm 33" | 84 cm 6.0" | 15.2 cm 325