Multiple Chamber Inflatable Paddle Boards

21 June 2024

In 2016, Mistral would be an early pioneer of dual-chambered inflatable paddleboards, born out of a need to elevate safety for certain paddling circumstances, such as ultra-distance adventuring, and further developed quad-chambered race boards in the Vortex 14’ and Slipstream Air 12’6 boards.

In the case of our dual-chambered boards, an oblong-shaped 50-litre air chamber is located within the centre of the deck area, encased by a larger outer primary chamber, incorporating the rails, nose, and tail area. As a bonus, the secondary oblong air chamber adds to the board's rigidity due to its internal walls. Ultimately, this feature provides added safety and peace of mind in the unlikely event of the outer wall being compromised through impact, leaving the inner chamber with sufficient buoyancy and floatation to permit self-rescue. Currently, this technology is used within our 2024 new season Sunrise Double 10’6 inflatable paddle board.