Complete SUP windsurf sail rig 3.0

The ideal kid's rig to get them started in windsurfing or for lightweight adults to begin the process of learning.


Perfect lightweight kids’ rig. Ideal for learning, easy to uphaul and control. Transparent mono-film material ensures complete visibility. Aluminium mast is lightweight, durable, and breaks down into two pieces. Small gauge boom for small hands. Complete with all components in a neat travel rig bag. Use with our inflatable SUP boards with 8mm mast foot thread or rigid boards with mast track for 8mm hexagonal brass plate fitting.

Included equipment
  • Mast 2 piece aluminium
  • Connection Hardware All lines and hardware, aluminium mast extension, mast foot with 8mm thread and brass plate.
  • Bag description Kit bag contains all items
  • Mast Specs 2 piece lightweight aluminium
  • Boom Aluminium with foam grip and mast clamp
  • Level Beginner
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Monofilament and Dacron sail, lightweight aluminium mast and boom.
  • Care Flush with fresh water, all sand and salt from all components. Air dry the sail before folding.
  • Storage Store in the supplied bag and avoid humid and warm heat sources.
Sail Area