Drybag Blue 10L

Waterproof PVC roll-down dry sack bag for multi-water sports and beach-related activities.


Our 10L dry sack bag is a simple must-have fold-down waterproof cargo carrier ideal for canoeing, kayaking, SUP and most all water water-based adventures, where you need to take a grab-bag of goodies. The removal shoulder strap permits you to de-clutter, and by rolling down and squeezing the residual air from the inner chamber, you clip-lock together to form a tight, compact vacuum seal around the contents.

  • Base Material PVC
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Water proof and hard-wearing PVC, nylon clips
, canvas webbing.
  • Care Wet cloth wipe down
  • Storage Rinse free of salt water, air dry, store flat
  • Colour Blue
Surface area
10L internal volume