Emotion 14'0 Inflatable - SUP/Family/Touring

The Emotion 14' is a fast, stable inflatable board for relaxed cruising or entry-level racing. Includes elastic securement cargo area and a ‘Motu’ sup paddle 3 pcs (red).

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The Emotion 14’0 SUP inflatable touring, race, and recreational board is 28” wide and offers moderate stability and a quick pace over the water. With a volume of 339 litres, there’s more than enough to accommodate a heavy paddler of up to 100kg or a combination of riders plus cargo. The square tail provides added tail stability and support, and the classic elliptical shape provides a positive glide and surge with each stroke taken. Though 28” wide for SUP touring, its shape provides a remarkably stable platform for long paddling sessions in comfort that easily handles choppy waters. Should you wish to race or participate in SUP touring events, the Emotion 14’0 will be more than up to the task. 

The high-traction, non-slip EVA foam is super comfortable, providing comfort and reassurance under your feet in all paddling conditions. The forward-positioned cargo elastics allow you to carry provisions for a day trip, whether within a dry bag or individual items such as a water bottle or spray jacket. Fitted with a Universal Fin Box, you can experiment with a range of fins from 9” upwards to cater to varied water conditions and achieve the best performance. A bow-mounted scuff pad incorporates a towing and mooring ring, which safeguards the nose from scuffs while allowing for ease of towing or mooring.

The package includes a dual-action pump, a lightweight carbon-composite 3-part paddle, a leg leash and a repair kit. Constructed using Double Skin Fusion Layer (DSFL) drop stitch material with 13,600 polyester threads per m2, the Emotion SUP touring board is both robust and lightweight and fast to inflate and deflate down into a convenient size fitted with a heavy-duty backpack.  

For the adventurer who wishes to enjoy SUP touring, the Emotion 14’0 is a stable high-performer capable of handling a variety of water conditions. Enjoy recreational fun or enter a race if you wish; the Emotion SUP inflatable is up to the task of delivering many hours of fun exploration and possibilities. 

Included equipment
  • Leash The included 10ft coiled safety line attaches to the stern deck D-ring and the padded cuff fits below the knee or around the ankle. It is intended for shallow, still waters only. For other water environments, seek professional advice.
  • Pump Our dual action pump is set to dual action and inflates on both the up and down strokes. Use for the first 5-6 psi of inflation. When set to single action, air only flows in on the downstroke. A pressure gauge shows the internal pressure. 61.5 x 26 x 7.55.
  • Repair Kit Includes PVC patch and contact adhesive for easy repairs. Inflate the board halfway, clean the area with acetone, sand with 150 grit sandpaper, apply the contact adhesive evenly to the patch and board, apply the patch with pressure and leave for 24 hours.
  • Valve H4-Ventil auf 60 psi getestet.
  • Deck Pad Ultra-comfortable EVA foam covering with high grip. Promotes longer foot comfort and reduces fatigue, supported by a high level of grip and traction for paddle control and improved stability.
  • Bow scuff The nose guard pad under the nose protects against impact, abrasion and abrasion. Made of robust polycarbonate. With stainless steel D-ring for towing and mooring for comfort and safety....
  • Kick Tail -
  • Base Material Ultra-high density, light weight and drop stitch technology provide high longitudinal stiffness, reduce board flex, improve ride comfort, speed over water and control underfoot.
  • Rider level Intermediate, Advanced
Materials, care & storage
  • Care Check the seams regularly and carry out repairs with the repair kit supplied. If air escapes, tighten the valve with the spanner provided. Remove stubborn stains with white spirit or PVC cleaner. Do not use scouring creams or scouring sponges. Avoid prolonged strong UV exposure.
  • Storage Deflated; Remove the fin, rinse the board with fresh water, towel dry or air dry. Deflate and fold neatly, place in a bag and store indoors in a dry, well-ventilated place. Avoid damp heat sources. Inflate: Repeat all steps and partially deflate to 8 psi.
  • Activities Recreational Fun, Touring, Racing
  • Environment Calm inland waters, Sheltered coastal waters, Offshore Waters
  • Performance attributes Stable, Long Glide
  • Color Blue, Orange, White
Board Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
14'0 | 427 cm 28" | 71 cm 5.9” | 15 cm 339