Marea 9'2

A mid-lengthed longboard for riding fuller waves, point breaks and long clean sections. The square tail forms the basis of quick water release and added volume where needed.


A mid-length longboard that offers ease of catching fuller waves with the bonus of being short enough for executing cutbacks and floaters. A single fin for smooth surfing on fuller long waves and a flat rocker line promotes a fast ride. At the same time, the added lift in the tail improves manoeuvrability; the broad nose with a deep concave dish in the bottom nose makes 'toes on the nose' possible for lightweight riders, permitting the board to pick up speed as you move forward. At 23" wide, it's not so wide to compromise speed or stability. The beginner surfer can learn to enjoy the ride on this longboard for its easy taking off and super stable down-the-line ride, while the advanced rider can appreciate the board's high-level performance across a wide range of wave forms.


  • Deck Pad None, wax required
  • Base Material Fibreglass / Epoxy with EPS foam core
  • Box Type Single FCS
  • Deck Profile Flat
  • Rail Profile Soft towards nose with tucked under edges
  • Tail Profile Square
  • Level Beginner to Advanced
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Fibreglass and epoxy lamination with EPS core and twin Redwood stringers.
  • Care Avoid high impact with rocks and objects which my cause damage. Do not leave it exposed to strong sunlight for an extended time. If securing to car roof rack, do not over-tighten straps.
  • Storage For outside storage, use a board bag to protect your board. Rinse with fresh water before storage. Minimising any exposure to the elements. If you can store it indoors, store it on a horizontal or vertical rack. Avoid heat sources.
  • Supboard type Surfing
  • Type surfboard Malibu Longboard
  • Color Green
Board Length Board Width Board Thickness
9'2" 23" 3''