Zonda 7.8m - Freeride Windsurfing Rig

A complete freeride rig (excluding mast foot) useable over a wide range of wind strengths and water environments. Superbly balanced, forgiving in the gusts with high levels of control for fin or foiling.

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Our Zonda sails are designed in collaboration with Simmer Sails and are highly tuneable and forgiving when the wind’s inconsistent, delivering free-ride sailing for the pleasure of pure, free-windsurfing or wind foiling. Five batten sail profile, useable over a wide wind range. Well balanced and forgiving in the gusts due to leach twist-off. This forgiving nature is also noticeable through moves and manoeuvres. Our Zonda sails brush off flat landings absorbing and cushioning over-load. In turn, sailors will feel a positive pull, allowing the rider to develop confidence and trust. A good choice for anybody looking to stomp gybes and moves like downwind 360s for the first time or build consistency. They're great to pump as well. Reacting instantly when effort's put in, even with marginal winds, they will generate speed to get your board planing. The boom head clamp and double-down haul pulley system, make rigging a breeze in combination with the pin lock adjustable boom. Recommended, 15knots maximum wind strength based on average body weight and ability. This is not a light wind sail but a technical sail.


Included equipment
  • Mast 2 piece 40/60 carbon/GRP 460cm mast
  • Connection Hardware Adjustable aluminium 224cm boom, mast foot and aluminium mast extension (Mast foot NOT INCLUDED)
  • Shims Standard Diameter Mast (SDM) Shim
  • Mast Specs 2 piece 40/60 carbon/GRP 460cm Standard Diameter Mast (SDM). Aluminium extension using a 'Universal Pin System' with a quick release button. Durable aluminium tube with double pulleys for friction-free, high-tension down-hauling.
  • Boom Adjustable aluminium 224cm boom, quick-lock apex, narrow 27 mm diameter boom for positive grip. Four double-pin adjustable system. Extension range covers almost all the sail sizes. Freeride boom outline, to be closer to the rig for maximum control.
  • Rider level Intermediate, Advanced
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description 175 monofilament window, x-ply luff panel, nylon leach protection, single layer Dacron® head panel. Aluminium boom and mast extension, polycarbonate fittings. Carbon 40%, GRP 60% mast.
  • Storage Before extended storage, rinse with freshwater and air dry. Lay flat and roll from mast head into tubular shape and secure within tubular bag supplied. Avoid storing next to heat source (radiators etc). Do not top load objects on top of sail. Store in doors.
Product size
  • Size sail windsurf 7'8m
  • Color Blue
Sail Area
7.8m2 (476 luff)