Quikslide 120L

Perfect for transitioning from a longboard and looking for your first-time dedicated freeride board.


Our Quikslide freeride boards, developed with Simmer, excel in speed and control. Enjoy insanely sweet gybes, outstanding acceleration and easy riding. Freeride performance-orientated rocker line, thin deck profile and rear rails deliver maximum levels of turning control.

Performance Highlights
Our Quickslide's main features include early planing, quick acceleration, a comfortable ride over choppy waters, capable of achieving high speeds, and extremely positive control and bite during carve jibes due to beautifully shaped, thin rails. The board's width makes it perfect for alternative gybing moves and tacking. Handles a wide range of sails from wave to high-performance race designs from 5.5 - 7.5m and has a good top-end speed. To match your body weight to the board, add approx 50 litres. If you weigh 75 kg, a board of 120 litres would be ideal for learning to carve gybe, and you can uphaul the rig. 

Feature Benefits
Outstanding acceleration
High-speed performance
Performance rocker line
Thin rails for improved handling
High-speed gybe performance
Egg shape outline
V-flow tail
Multi-positional in or out-board strap inserts
Under-heel pads
Rough skin, non-slip decking

  • Deck Pad EVA diamond pattern foam under foot straps, balance of board, non-slip, sugar coat finish.
  • Valve An air expansion valve is featured within the deck to release expanded air from the inner foam core due to heat build-up to prevent deformation.
  • Base Material Fibreglass / epoxy, EPS foam core, vacuum bagged
  • Box Type Powerbox
  • Deck Profile Low, flat profile
  • Rail Profile Narrow, harder third rear rails, softening forward two thirds towards nose.
  • Tail Profile Rounded pin
  • U/Joint Fitting US box track
  • Level Intermediate to Advanced
  • Board Weight 8.5kg
Board Length Board Width Board Thickness
7’8 31.49” 3.93''
  • Board Volume (L) 120