Silver Tip 9" Fin

Carbon epoxy, lightweight 160g, weed-free, raked medium aspect ratio SUP fin.


Stand-up paddle boards travel at relatively slow speeds. They require a fin capable of providing lateral resistance to keep the board travelling in a straight line, offer a smooth turning circle, and resist the tail moving side to side during the paddling phase. Designed for maximum lateral stability and minimal drag at low speeds. Ideal for 14’ SUP race boards in varying wind and water conditions.

Performance Highlights
Our super light 160g carbon raked fin design has a surface area of 43.6in2 / 281cm2, provides just enough angle backwards to keep the fin weed-free in most normal encounters with debris. The raked angle means the board can turn smoothly without too much effort from the paddler, using weight transition through the feet, rail to rail, or by use of the paddle or both in combination. Highly raked fins make for wide smooth turns but lack directional stability as supplied with most SUP boards, while straight, high-aspect fins hold a straight line but are hard to manage in the turns. Our design offers the best of both qualities and has been specially created. The fin base is a universal fin box head fitment, with brass pin and screw and plate securement.

Feature Benefits
Super light and strong 160g
Carbon construction
Raked design for weed-free performance
Optimum rake for directional stability and turning
Low-speed design specifically for SUP
Universal base with a brass pin, screw and plate fitting
Durable polycarbonate construction

9” Fin
Thumb turn screw
EVA foam pad for wide box tracks


Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Carbon / Epoxy. Resin transfer moulded (RTM) full carbon construction.
  • Care Take care to avoid high impact with rocks and objects, which may cause damage. Do not leave exposed to strong sunlight for an extended time. Use 150-grit sandpaper to sand out any rough edges occasionally if needed.
  • Storage When not in use secure in bag supplied and fit screw and plate to the heel of the base in order to avoid loss. Store out of direct sunlight and rinse free of salt crystals.
  • Color Black
  • Board Weight 160g