Sphinx Wing Foil wing 6.5m

Our Sphinx wings offer a vastly improved wider wind range usage over most all other wings due to our innovative full radial cut panelling reducing panel warping.

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Our Sphinx wings offer superb stability, the canopy holding shape in higher wind gusts providing added responsiveness due to the radial cut panels. Most wings run panels horizontally and parallel to the central strut resulting in opposing torsional forces forming stress creases diagonally in opposing angles to the panels. Studying spinnaker sails, it was concluded a radial cut wing would be the logical option. The forces radiate outward from the rear to the leading edges, more uniformly spreading the load in sync with the canopy. The result is improved canopy rigidity. Ideally suited to entry-level to upper-intermediate riders, offering universal appeal and all-around capabilities.


Included equipment
  • Leash Wrist leash.
  • Bag Spinnaker cloth back pack.
  • Pump Not included
  • Valve Dual valve system, 1 x strut, 1 x leading edge
  • Front Wing Specs 175oz Dacron leading edge
  • Fuselage Specs 175oz Dacron strut, includes leash attachment point
  • Base Material Zero porosity, lightweight nylon spinnaker cloth
  • Handle Design Canvas
  • Rider level Starter, Intermediate, Advanced
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description The canopy is constructed from lightweight polyester Dacron® sailcloth. The leading edge and strut use heavy-duty 175 Dacron. Polyester threads are used to stitch the panels.
  • Care Do not over inflate. Follow the information printed on the wing. 6-7 psi is a sufficient pressure range with a maximum of 8 psi. Do not over-inflate, as there is a risk of tearing the stitching or stressing the bladder. Rinse and air dry after use before deflating and stowing. Minor tears can be repaired using rip stop repair tape.
  • Storage Before extended storage, rinse with fresh water and air dry. Deflate fully and replace the valve cap. Lay flat and roll both wing tips inwards towards the centre strut neatly and securely. Fold the trailing strut end towards the centre to form a neat compact stowage package and store it in the bag supplied. If you have to stuff and force into bag void, refold until it fits without force. Avoid storing next to a heat source, radiators etc. Alternatively, store it deflated and suspended over a long rod parallel to the strut. Store indoors.
Product size
  • Size wing 6.5m
  • Activities Winging
  • Color Orange