Spirit Race 12'6 Inflatable Combo Set V2.0

The Spirit 12’6 is a fast cruising entry level race board. Its streamlined shape gives a clue to its speed over water. Whether fast touring racing in the 12’6 division or used as a travelling training companion the Spirit delivers speed and long glides.  

€659.00 €849.00

A single Universal Fin Box permits you to fit a race pedigree fin of your choice. The front mounted cargo net permits you to take along supplies and a bow scuff pad protects from shoreline or object impacts. Supplied with coiled leash and adjustable 3 piece carbon composite paddle with bag. Incorporates DSFL material providing some unique benefits. The Mistral Spirit, 12’6 x 28” x 6” (381cm x 71cm x 15cm) x 295L inflatable SUP is designed for speed and long glides. Offers ample stability for the intermediate to advanced paddler. Can support riders up to 100kg; performs optimally up to 85kg body weight.


  • Double Skin Fusion Layer Drop Stitch
  • Genuine 13,600 threads per m2
  • 2,600 more threads than conventional
  • Universal fin box for fitting of race fins
  • Sleek design shape
  • Sleek design
  • Low drag for long glides
  • EVA diamond pattern non-slip pad
  • Bow protector
  • Towing D-Ring Leash-ring
  • Adjustable 3 piece carbon composite paddle
  • Coiled leashRepair kit supplied
  • Dual action pump
  • Fin included
  • Wheeled travel bag

Double Skin Fusion Layer (DSFL) Technology Drop Stitch Fabric. Uses 13,600 stitches per m2 over the usual 12,000 making the board stiffer for no added weight gain. SUP board consists of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) woven polyester drop stitch construction. Non-slip material is composed of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam. Contact adhesive consisting of poly-chloroprene polymers. Elastic bungee cord composed of both natural and manufactured rubber, poly carbonate fin-box, stainless steel retainers.

Avoid storing in direct high UV sunlight to prolong material longevity. Rinse with fresh water to evacuate all salt crystals. When dry, store in dry, well ventilated place avoid humid heat sources.

Included equipment
  • Bag description 104 cm x 52 cm x 30cm. Constructed from 1680D ripstop nylon material. Includes roller-wheels, waterproof internal lining, six internal cinching straps, padded adjustable shoulder straps, waistband, multiple carry handles and heavy-duty zippers.
  • Paddle Included is a three-piece adjustable paddle composed of a carbon composite shaft (30% Carbon / 70% GRP) for an improved paddling experience. The hard-wearing polycarbonate blade is shaped to deliver maximum grip in the water.
  • Leash The 10' coiled safety leash provided attaches to the rear deck D-ring, the padded cuff fitting below the knee or around the ankle. It is intended for flat, still waters only. For other water environments, seek professional advice.
  • Fin 9" polycarbonate
  • Pump Our dual-action pump, set to dual-action, inflates on both up and down strokes. Use for the first 5-6psi of inflation. Set to single-action, air enters on the down stroke only. A pressure gauge indicates internal pressure. 61.5 x 26 x 7.55.
  • Repair Kit Includes PVC patches and contact adhesive for simple repairs. Semi inflate board, clean area with acetone, sand with 150 grit paper, apply contact glue evenly to patch and board, apply patch applying pressure, leave for 24 hours.
  • Deck Pad Ultra-comfort, high-grip foam EVA decking. Promotes prolonged foot comfort reducing fatigue, aided by high levels of grip and traction for paddling control and improved levels of stability.
  • Handle Central carry handle, positioned for balanced control in low or higher winds. Features soft, wide, webbing, neoprene covered for added finger carrying comfort and improved control.
  • Valve H4 valve style tested to 60psi.
  • Base Material Ultra high density, light weight, drop-stitch technology, provides high levels of longitudinal stiffness, reducing board flex, improved ride-comfort, speed over water and control under-foot.
  • Box Type US Box
  • Deck Profile Flat
  • Rail Profile Round
  • Tail Profile Square
  • Handle Design Webbing and neoprene
  • Level Intermediate
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Double Skin Fusion PVC Layer (DSFL) Technology Drop Stitch Fabric.13,600 stitches per m2. EVA foam decking, marine stainless D-rings, polycarbonate fin box, elastic cargo strapping.
  • Care Inspect seams regularly, carry out repairs using repair kit provided. Tighten valve using spanner supplied if leaking air. Remove stubborn marks with white spirit or PVC cleaner. Do not use abrasive creams or pads. Avoid prolonged strong UV exposure.
  • Storage Deflated; Remove fin, rinse board with fresh water, towel or air dry. Deflate and fold neatly, place in bag, store indoors in dry, well ventilated space. Avoid humid heat sources. Inflated: repeat all steps, partially deflate to 8psi.
Product size
  • Product width 71
  • Product length 381
  • Color Blue / White / Red
Board Width Board Thickness
28" 5.9”