Sunburst Air - Inflatable Bodyboard

Bodyboarding originates from an ancient form of prone wave riding, indigenous to West Africa and later to Polynesians, popularised in the early 70s. Perfect for riding the shorebreak and for learning the dynamics of surfing. Combine with swim fins and a lycra or neoprene rash vest to avoid irritation for the best experience. 

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If you have a family headed to the beach, with or without surf, owning a bodyboard will provide a fun platform for riding the shorebreak or simply enjoying the water. A bodyboard is the best way for kids or adults to learn the dynamics of playing in waves under 1m. Learn to duck dive, trim along a wave, and wave selection to build confidence in the surf. A rash shirt is essential to protect your chest area from abrasion; select from our extensive technical wear collection. Features fast flow tail for improved performance, super stable and rideable.

Included equipment
  • Leash Wrist leash
  • Bag 60 x 35 x 10 cm. Satchel design with wide soft handles, strongly reinforced handle straps, netting on the front side, 2-way zipper on top, straps with an adjuster buckle on top, velcro pocket inside, strap with velcro closure to hold repair kit.
  • Repair Kit Includes PVC patches and contact adhesive for simple repairs. Semi inflate board, clean area with acetone, sand with 150 grit paper, apply contact glue evenly to patch and board, apply patch applying pressure, leave for 24 hours.
  • Valve Nose mounted superior, H4 valve tested to 60psi. Front mounted position, offers superior ease of removing air from the internal chamber when deflating and folding. Fold from the tail to bow to remove air from chamber.
  • Deck Profile Flat
  • Deck Pad Ultra-comfort, high-grip foam EVA decking. Promotes prolonged comfort aided by high levels of grip and traction for control and improved levels of stability.
  • Rail Profile Soft
  • Tail Profile Squash with fast-flow hard edged tail rail for improved water release and reduced drag.
  • Box type Moulded soft polycarbonate side bite fins x 2
  • Base Material Ultra high density, light weight, drop-stitch technology, provides high levels of longitudinal stiffness, reducing board flex, improved ride-comfort, speed over water and control.
  • Handle Design Canvas webbing, neoprene covered
  • Rider level Starter
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Single layer PVC drop stitched with 15,000 woven polyester threads/m2; a high-quality, durable material. EVA foam decking moulded soft polycarbonate side bite fins.
  • Care Inspect seams regularly, carry out repairs using repair kit provided. Tighten valve using spanner supplied if leaking air. Remove stubborn marks with white spirit or PVC cleaner. Do not use abrasive creams or pads. Avoid prolonged strong UV exposure.
  • Storage Deflated; Remove fin, rinse board with fresh water, towel or air dry. Deflate and fold neatly, place in bag, store indoors in dry, well ventilated space. Avoid humid heat sources. Inflated: repeat all steps, partially deflate to 8psi.
Product size
  • Surface area 24L Vol Metric
  • Color Orange
Board Length Thickness
3'3" 2.5'' | 6.4 cm