Designed to higher performance levels, whether for SUP surfing, racing or touring, a hardboard is the next level choice. We set out to incorporate details of form and function into each shape to create a specific performance and behaviour unachievable in inflatable construction. Rail shapes, rocker lines, nose and tail profiles and the inclusion of rounded sections, concave and vee sections allow us to create a specific ride and performance over any particular body of water.

Boards For Performance Interests

SUP Racing

SUP race board design allows us to take all we know of hydrodynamics and other paddle sport craft and apply them to create the most efficient, fastest hull shapes over differing waters, whether flat, choppy or rough. Since 2015 our R&D team have produced record-breaking, podium-winning boards for flat and open ocean waters.

Our flat water Vortex, open ocean Equinox and all-rounder Vanquish boards provide for a broad range of performance needs. Depending on your local conditions and the performance you are seeking, when it comes to surface-moving water, the Equinox excels at working with water and extracting energy from it. Meanwhile, the Vortex is a proven race thoroughbred for flatter waters, while the Vanquish is the perfect choice when moving between varied water conditions.

SUP Racing