Seaspray 8'2

Classic lines for clean point breaks or messy shore breaks. Wide forward apex, makes for improved paddle out and late drops in, ideal for all levels of ability.


Our Seaspray 8’2 includes a Futures fin system and a full nose section to promote ease of take-off and paddling out to the lineup by moving weight forward. Ideal for the novice to intermediate rider limited to either beach break or point break waves. Highly acclaimed as one of the best performing, forgiving designs on the market. 2022 ICF winning board at Jnr World Championships.

Performance Highlights
Picking up your first wave, riders will be surprised at how easily you can make the drop on the Seaspray. Once on an open wave face, you have a supremely fun throw-about board, despite its physical dimensions. The Seaspray loves to be worked from the tail and will reward physical paddlers wanting to whip it into lips and lay the rail. This board will allow riders to develop the necessary skills to transition to a more performance-orientated board, should they wish. This board loves to ride a cylindrical wave shape slotting beautifully into the pocket, and it’s a great board in messy conditions and a step up to bigger surf; the length and volume assist to drop-in early, having the necessary carving qualities for when the lip throw. Medium-heavy weights will approve of the Seaspray’s spray-throwing capabilities providing a nice solution as a board-only surf SUP quiver.

Feature Benefits
Tri-fin box set up
Futures fin box
Foam (EVA) non-slip decking
No wax required
Wide nose section for ease of take-off
Paddling is made easier with a wide nose area
Step back pad for sure-footedness
Air vent to release expanding air out
Suits novice to intermediate riders
Classic shape for a beach break or cleaner point waves

Included equipment
  • Fin 2 x F5 fins and 1 x F4 fin.
  • Deck Pad Very comfortable, non-slip EVA foam pad. Promotes long-lasting foot comfort and reduces fatigue, backed by high levels of grip and traction for more control while paddling and an improved level of stability.
  • Kick Tail Raised foam step-back pad for added confidence when executing step back turns, protecting your heel and providing added levels of connectivity with the board to further enjoy trick-paddling moves.
  • Handle Deep recessed and flanged carry handle for ease of carrying and positive control.
  • Valve An air expansion valve is featured within the deck to release expanded air from the inner foam core due to heat build-up to prevent deformation.
  • Base Material Epoxy fibreglass laminates with EPS foam core.
  • Level Intermediate to Advanced
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Epoxy fibreglass lamination with EPS foam core. Deck 6oz + 1mm bamboo sheet + 4oz + 6oz standing area patch. Hull 4oz + 1mm bamboo sheet + 4oz. Core 18kgs EPS + bamboo stinger.
  • Care Avoid high impact with rocks and objects which my cause damage. Do not leave exposed to strong sunlight for an extended time. If securing to car roof rack, do not over-tighten straps.
  • Storage For outside storage, use a board bag for the protection of your board. Rinse with freshwater before storage. Minimising any exposure to the elements. If you can store indoors, store on horizontal or vertical vertical rack. Avoid heat sources.
  • Supboard type Surfing
  • Color Blue
  • Board Weight 8.63kg
Board Length Board Width Board Thickness
8’2 29” 4.1”
  • Board Volume (L) 111