Sun Rise Double Air 10'6 - Inflatable SUP set - Family

This dual-chamber inflatable paddleboard provides an added level of safety so that if one air chamber fails, the other ensures adequate reserve buoyancy. Ideal for the busy individual on the go, this quality inflatable board delivers high stability, safety, and functionality. 







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Surviving a busy urban life requires a healthy, balanced life that connects with nature and the elements. The Sun Rise Double 10’6 is suited to a busy working lifestyle with limited storage space. At 32” wide, the Sun Rise Double is super stable and ideal for lunchtime paddling sessions or to be afloat at Sun Rise, before work or after, to enjoy the sunset in the calm of a lake, sheltered coastal waters or city channels.

The Sun Rise Double is not just a board, it's a source of endless fun and excitement. With 314L of volume, it offers ample buoyancy, with an optimal load capacity of 115kg and a maximum of 140kg. Whether you want to paddle with your kids or have your furry friend join the adventure, this board is up for the challenge, promising a thrilling and enjoyable ride every time.

Due to its compact size, it is easy to inflate and deflate, fold away into a convenient travel bag, and transport and store at home where space is limited. Travel with it overseas to have fun in the sun, paddleboarding a lake, a slow-moving river, or the calm of a lagoon. The Sun Rise Double also makes for a fun family SUP board if you prefer stability, muted tones, and the benefits of our latest paddleboard construction technology.

When it comes to safety, the Sun Rise Double is a step ahead. Unlike the Sun Rise Air, it features two individual air chambers: a larger outer primary chamber and a smaller inner air chamber. This design ensures added safety in case of impact, such as a rock encounter when drifting downriver. The inner chamber would remain inflated, providing an extra layer of security. This feature, along with the board's stability, gives you the confidence to explore and enjoy your paddleboarding experience to the fullest.

Grab handles are located forward of the elasticated cargo holding area and at the sides, making it easy to handle at the shoreline or in the water. The comfortable, non-slip decking is clutter-free should you want to lie on the deck. An action camera mount lets you record your adventures, and deck D-rings permit the addition of a kayak seat if you wish to paddle seated using a kayak paddle. Complete with a dual-action pump, a 3-part paddle, leg leash, repair kit, and our high-performance weed-free fin requiring no tools for fitting and removal. Our advanced external PVC outer-shell technology, supported internally by 15,000 high tensile polyester threads per metre between deck and hull, results in an unparalleled robust, stiff, durable, inflatable paddle board construction.

When safety is a consideration when running rivers or paddling in areas where impact damage is possible, the Sun Rise Double 10’6 is the ideal choice. Its double-air chamber system provides an added layer of stability, safety, and peace of mind.

Included equipment
  • Paddle Three-piece Sole telescopic SUP travel paddle (168cm-215cm) with lightweight medium flex carbon (30%) composite (70% fibreglass) shaft and hard-wearing polycarbonate blade (83 sq inches) shaped to deliver maximum grip in the water.
  • Fin Mistral 8” x 180 gram Blue Silver Tip polycarbonate high-performance SUP weed-free fin designed for optimum lateral stability and manoeuvrability. Includes 1 x spare fin screw and a plate for securing the fin.
  • Leash A 10' coiled SUP safety leg leash which attaches to the board’s rear deck D-ring; the padded-cuff fitting can be connected below the knee or around the ankle.
  • Bag 100 x 90 x 20 cm. Recycled polyester carry bag with internal paddle pocket, loops to secure repair kit and QR code link to SUP manual.
  • Pump Dual-action SUP hand pump for quick inflation, with pressure gauge indicating internal pressure.
  • Repair Kit The repair tube includes a valve wrench tool to tighten (or replace) the valve, PVC patches and contact adhesive for basic repairs, 1x extra paddle clam screw, and 1x fin screw and plate. QR code link to repair tips & tricks.
  • Number of chambers Double chamber
  • About chamber A secondary (dual) chamber is positioned underneath the paddler for added peace of mind. Its inner walls are protected from the larger primary chamber which surrounds it. It inflates via a separate valve and can support a rider up to 100kg in the event of the primary chamber failure.
  • Valve Nose mounted superior, H4 valve tested to 60psi. Front mounted position, offers superior ease of removing air from the internal chamber when deflating and folding. Fold from the tail to bow to remove air from chamber.
  • Action Camera Mount Convenient 'Action Camera' mount for popular action camera brands such as Go-Pro. Capture your SUP adventures to share on your social media.
  • Cargo elastics 5mm, super stretch cargo elastics guaranteed to secure your dry bag, jacket, water bottle and other items. Secured by marine grade stainless steel D-rings and thermo-welded PVC roundel patches. Easily removed and or replaced.
  • D-rings for kayak seat 4x Marine-grade stainless steel D-ring fitment points. Forward and rear are spaced 90cm apart. Will take any SUP kayak seat with 4x webbing straps and clips. Provides added functionality to your paddleboard allowing you to kayak with a kayak paddle.
  • Deck Profile Flat
  • Deck Pad Ultra-comfort, high-grip foam EVA decking. Promotes prolonged foot comfort reducing fatigue, aided by high levels of grip and traction for paddling control and improved levels of stability.
  • Side handles This is a highly practical solution for all-around board control when reboarding from the water, controlling the board at the shoreline, or when two people carry the board, one on either side.
  • Front deck handles Grab handles which are positioned just forward of the paddler and angulated for maximum control and comfort when grabbing the board from the water or at the shoreline. Also permits quick 'grab and drag' entry into or from the water's edge.
  • Towing and mooring D-ring Essential for towing and mooring your SUP board, this marine-grade stainless steel D-ring is secured by a PVC thermo-welded patch for added load bearing resistance.
  • Kick Tail Raised foam step-back pad for added confidence when executing step back turns, protecting your heel and providing added levels of connectivity with the board to further enjoy trick-paddling moves.
  • Box type Single rear US Box
  • Paddle length Adjustable length
  • Paddle pieces 3-piece paddle
  • Rider level Starter, Intermediate
  • Maximum load 140kg
  • Optimal load 115kg
Materials, care & storage
  • Construction technology Knitted Dropstitch technology (KDT)
  • About technology Knitted Dropstitch Technology fabric is created by knitting two layers of polyester substrate sandwiched between air-tight PVC to create a single layer (skin), using thousands of small threads perpendicular to the layers. Knitted drop-stitch material creates an economical inflatable paddleboard that is practical and durable.
  • Threads per m2 15.000
  • Paddle shaft Material Carbon Composite
  • Paddle blade Polycarbonate
  • Care Inspect seams regularly, carry out repairs using repair kit provided. Tighten valve using spanner supplied if leaking air. Remove stubborn marks with white spirit or PVC cleaner. Do not use abrasive creams or pads. Avoid prolonged strong UV exposure.
  • Storage Deflated Storage: Remove the fin, rinse the board with fresh water, towel or air dry. Deflate and fold neatly, place in the bag, and store indoors in a dry, well-ventilated space. Avoid humid heat sources. Inflated Storage: Repeat all steps, partially deflate to 8psi.
  • Activities Recreational Fun, Yoga / Pilates, Kayaking
  • Environment Calm inland waters, Sheltered coastal waters
  • Performance attributes Highly Stable, Manoeuvrable
  • Color Green, Orange, White
Board Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
10'6 | 320 cm 32" | 81 cm 6.0" | 15.2 cm 314