8' Coiled knee leash

Knee leg leash for SUP paddling.

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A vital SUP safety accessory, our 8' coiled paddleboard leg leash keeps you connected to your paddleboard should you fall off and is essential for your safety and the safety of others.

Our coiled SUP leg leash is made from 7mm coiled vinyl, which is super durable and tough. The purpose of the coil is to prevent the leash from dragging in the water when paddling. When fully stretched, it stretches up to 8’ in length from the cuff attached to the ankle or knee to the lanyard (cord) attached to the leash plug of your paddleboard. This ensures a suitable distance from the board should you fall and enough slack for easy remounting. You can wear your leash below the knee for easy access or around the ankle. Weighing just 280g, this coiled leg leash system adds little weight to your travel baggage. For almost all of your paddleboarding needs, this SUP-coiled leash is the perfect safety companion to keep you connected to your board in the event of a fall. Note that this coiled leash is unsuitable for river use, surfing or where strong currents are present.

This paddleboard coiled leash comprises a cuff-end fitted around the ankle or below the knee, secured by strong velcro-covered webbing flaps and features a quick-release tab to ‘rip’ free. A convenient key pouch is included in the cuff. The inner cuff is padded for added comfort and extended paddleboarding water time and is attached to a polycarbonate single swivel end. The swiffle gives the leash and the cuff attachment a full range of motion preventing entanglement. The swivel-to-cuff attachment includes a grub screw for removal if the cuff needs to be replaced. At the other end of the SUP coiled leash, there is another single swivel with a grub screw connecting to velcro flaps that are fed through the short lanyard cord attached to the paddleboard’s leash plug. The vinyl chord is highly durable, and should it become over-stretched, if soaked in hot water, it will ‘coil back’ into shape. This combination of elements ensures a secure and reliable attachment, giving you peace of mind as you navigate the water.

This super easy-to-use stand-up paddleboard coiled leg leash is essential for safe paddleboarding in flat to choppy waters and is ideal for most all paddleboards up to 14’ in length. 

Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Vinyl coil with polycarbonate ends and stainless swivels. Webbing cuff with soft inner cotton lining.
  • Care Rinse after use in salt water and keep free of debris.
  • Color Blue