People of the oceans

Being on the water makes you feel truly alive. It enriches your life. From the excitement of catching that perfect wave, to the sense of accomplishment after finishing an exhausting race, to pure fun & relaxation with friends. Pushing the limits when you want, but always choosing to leave daily worries behind. Mistral aims to inspire you to enjoy water life with likeminded, free-spirited people. That's why we take it upon ourselves to share the delights of our community with the world, from professional riders to friends enjoying water adventures together.

Through the decades, Mistral has always focussed on delivering stylish, high-quality gear and apparel that ensures thorough enjoyment of a water oriented lifestyle. Water sports lovers form a tight knit community with its own culture. For the coming decades, Mistral aims to be at the centre of this culture, from sports like surf, windsurf, SUP and foiling to simply enjoying beach life.