Bahia 8'0 - Soft Top mini mal surfboard

Our Mini-Malibu surfboard offers low-impact, high-tech, economical, entry-level to the surfing world. Ideal for the family and all ages, with surprisingly high-performance levels.

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The classic 'foamie' surfboard has evolved from being a low-tech entry-level ride. If you want to enter the surfing world, the soft top board offers a low-impact, ideal starting point; offering added safety and usability over hardboard equivalents. Used by most all surfing schools, the appeal of a soft top board is due to the soft covering over the entire deck and rails. Combined with a smooth, soft slick-skin hull, it offers the highest levels of safety when falling and retrieving in the surf, where impact between board and rider is commonplace during the learning phase. The moulded board includes bamboo stringer within the foam for stiffness, slick-soft bottom and non-slip foam decking. No wax is needed.

Performance Highlights

Soft to the touch, the Bahia offers high levels of non-slip performance from nose to tail without wax. The soft foam finish gives the rider a pleasant tactile feel on the hands and feet, offering a reassuring level of cushioning. When retrieving and remounting, the soft non-slip decking makes the board easy to hold onto in foaming waves. The rails are sufficiently hard-edged to ensure you can trim along the wave in control, and the tri-fin, moulded plastic fins, provide excellent bite in beach break waves and offer improved levels of safety in the case of impact. For schools, hire operations, or family fun, the Bahia is the ideal stick to grab and go for learning and enjoying the pleasures of surfing. Benefits in being less likely to ‘ding’ over that of a hardboard.


Included equipment
  • Fin 4” x 3 plastic side bite fins
  • Deck Profile Flat
  • Deck Pad Soft top and rail covering. Non-slip foam decking. No wax required, ready to ride
  • Rail Profile Hard tucked under
  • Tail Profile Squash
  • Box Type Plug-ins
  • Base Material Fibreglass / Epoxy with EPS foam core / EVA foam decking and rails.
  • Rider level Starter, Intermediate, Advanced
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Top deck incorporates epoxy resin laminates, 6oz fibreglass +1mm bamboo sheet + 4oz fibreglass. Deck and rails layered with soft non-slip (EVA) foam. Underside; epoxy resin laminates, 4oz fibreglass +1mm bamboo sheeting +4oz fibreglass + 3mm high-density polyethylene (HDPE) smooth skin outer laminate layer. Inner core EPS foam18kg/m3 + wood stinger for added longitudinal stiffness.
  • Care Avoid high impact with rocks and objects which my cause damage. Do not leave exposed to strong sunlight for an extended time. If securing to car roof rack, do not over-tighten straps.
  • Storage For outside storage, use a board bag for the protection of your board. Rinse with freshwater before storage. Minimising any exposure to the elements. If you can store indoors, store on horizontal or vertical vertical rack. Avoid heat sources.
Product size
  • Surface area Vol 66L
  • Color Blue, White
  • Type surfboard Mini Mal
Board Length Thickness Weight
8’23 2.87” | 7.3 cm 6.80kg