Double Action Pump with gauge

This sturdy inflatable dual-action paddleboard pump features an easy-to-read pressure gauge, foot braces to steady the pump during inflation, a smooth-action aluminium inner shaft, moulded hand grips, and a coiled polyvinyl hose.

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This inflatable paddleboard pump is 14cm x 29cm x 65.5cm with a 2-litre cubic air delivery capacity with each full stroke taken and a maximum pressure rating of 29 psi (pounds per square inch). Fitted with a single or dual action switch. In the ‘Single’ setting air is pushed into the inflatable paddleboard chamber on the downstroke only. In ‘Double’ mode, the air is pushed into the chamber on both the up and down strokes, decreasing the inflation time by approximately 30%. Set the switch to ‘Double’ to reach the first 5-8lbs, then set it to ‘Single’ to reach the recommended pressure.

If during deflation, having depressed and locked the valve open, insufficient air is expelled from the chamber, detach the hose connected to the pump ‘Out’ socket, then reattach to the ‘In’ socket and commence using the pump to draw out any excess air.

Robustly designed and yet very simple, the super tough polycarbonate shell houses an aluminium shaft and plunger, which operates the inlet and outlet valve and is equipped with an easy-to-read gauge indicating the internal pressure of the inflatable paddleboard’s air chamber. Supplied with varying nozzle ends, the pump can inflate various inflatable items such as paddleboards, boats, wings and kites. The polyvinyl hose is robust and flexible, and the splayed footstand allows you to steady the stand during inflation. The moulded hand grips are comfortable and feature a high grip surface.

This is an essential inflatable paddleboard accessory where a backup pump is required. It is light and easy to stow, fitting neatly within any inflatable SUP paddleboard travel bag.

  • Color Black