Gale Force - Wetsuit 3/2mm (Men)

Developed for maximum ergonomics conforming to body movements and areas requiring full flexibility. Board sport specific design.

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We have developed wetsuits for on-water play to compliment our hardware line, so Mistral fans can slip on a Mistral wetsuit to enjoy their activities. Features multiple panels for improved ergonomics to conform to body movement and areas requiring complete flexibility. The key areas are the shoulders, upper sides, arm panels, knees, lower leg, calf panels, and front thoracic, hip and thigh regions.

Performance Highlights
A wetsuit is not an accessory but an essential element to participation in many water sports where conditions are cold to temperate. Choosing the correct wetsuit can make or break your performance and enjoyment, in addition to extending or reducing your water time. Multiple panels are used to improve ergonomics, conforming to body movements and areas requiring complete flexibility, an essential design feature of our Gale Force suits. You will benefit from minimal restriction, whether surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, or foiling. Thinner neoprene is used on the arms and shoulders, while batwing side panels maximise shoulder and arm rotation. The balance of the suit features a 1mm thicker layer to the core areas of the body and legs. Chest and rear kidney areas benefit from smooth skin neoprene, permitting water run-off and quick drying to reduce the 'radiator effect' when above water in fresh winds. Ideal for all levels of ability where the water temperature is between 17-20C. Suitable for up to 1hr immersed water activity, where water temperature meets the indicated range, higher in warmer waters.

Chest Zipper Design
Chest zipper wetsuits are increasingly popular and have shorter, horizontal or diagonal zip across the chest than back zipper suits. The advantage of a chest zipper is that you get much less flushing due to the smaller zip and the seal's design, which keeps a neoprene barrier between your skin and the zip. Additionally, its smaller size and position on the upper front section of the suit minimises the disruption to your flexibility, giving you the full range of movement across your back and shoulders. Importantly, though just a little more of a wrestle to fit into than a zippered back suit, it's much easier to zip and unzip it without assistance. 

Feature Benefits
Glued / blind stitched
Watertight panels
The knee area included added padding and protection
Entry and exit are via front, watertight zipper
Front zipper permits high flexibility for high-movement sports
Limits water intake and provides greater all-around comfort
Neoprene neck lining maximises comfort and limits chafing
Ankle and wrist gussets include slip grip tape to prevent roll-up
Windproof rubber textured back panel
Windproof rubber textured chest panel
Super-flex neoprene
High insulation
Spring and autumn suit
Water temp 17-20C

SCR neoprene (chloroprene / poly-chloroprene). Super-flexible, with high insulation properties, each panel is glued and then blind stitched (GBS), whereby panels are cut, glued, and then stitched so the needle does not fully penetrate the neoprene. This method avoids multiple perforations, which would cause water to seep through to the body, which is particularly important for winter and autumn suits. Ideal for Windsurfing, SUP, Surfing, Kitesurfing, Dinghy Sailing and various water sports.

Optimum Rider
Entry to advanced standard

Product size
  • Neoprene thickness 3/2mm
  • Gender Men
  • Color Black