Revival 3.0m - Windsurfing Rig

Our Revival rigs are designed to ensure your first windsurfing experience and for those attending formalised lessons, area fun, easy and as low impact as possible. Fits 8mm thread or mast track.

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A complete system created to be lightweight, allowing easy handling and smooth power delivery for sail beginners of all ages and an ideal WindSUP® rig with our compatible boards or wherever you need a small rig for kids or learning. Constructed in a Dacron and Monofilm construction, the Mistral Revival sails are highly durable and well suited to the demands required at windsurfing schools and centres or for family or first-time general recreational use. The entire rig construction and its components are designed for ease of use and durability and are sold as a package for compatibility and best practices. Supplied in a neat carry bag. (NOTE: MAST FOOT NOT INCLUDED. Available as a separate item)

Included equipment
  • Bag Kit bag contains all items
  • Mast 4 piece 40/60 carbon / GRP 310cm mast
  • Connection Hardware Boom with clamp-fit head, sail with adjustable mast head and aluminium mast extension (Mast foot NOT INCLUDED)
  • Mast Specs 310cm 60 fibreglass / 40 carbon 4 section mast
  • Boom 150cm aluminium with mast clamp and roller outhaul, foam padded.
  • Rider level Starter
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Monofilament and Dacron sail. Carbon/fibreglass mast, aluminium boom.
  • Care Rinse all items with fresh water after use, pay attention to flush boom of sand.
  • Storage Before extended storage, rinse with fresh water and air dry all items. Lay flat the sail and roll it from the masthead into a tubular shape, and secure it within the bag supplied. Avoid storing next to a heat source (radiators etc.). Do not top load objects on top of the sail. Store indoors.
  • Color White
Boom Length Mast Length Sail Area
150cm 310cm 3.0m2 x 310cm luff x 3 battens