General promotion terms and conditions

Terms and conditions Offers/Discounts
Discount percentages are already incorporated in the promotional sales prices.
Stacking discounts is not allowed.
'Fixed low price' products and 'online only' products and  clearance are excluded from all discounts.
Discounts cannot be claimed retroactively.

The durations of our offers and discount promotions are stated in or on the communications communicated by Mistral or the relevant partner .

The offers are valid while stocks last, so gone = gone.
Promotional items are not always available in all branches or from stock.

Mistral member
Mistral promotions are only valid for Mistral members.
To use the member discount, you must log in to the Mistral.com website.
After logging in/registering online, the discount will automatically be deducted from your shopping cart. You must have your Mistral discount code ready to insert in the online purchase process.
Don't miss any offers and sign up for Mistral members here for free via the website!

Multi-piece offers
For 1 + 1 free applies: buy 1 article and get the 2nd article for free. Same for 2+1 free, then the 3rd article is free . The cheapest product is free. Multi-piece offers are only valid when purchasing all pieces in one transaction. The free item must be added to the order by the customer.
For “2 items for €10”, the following applies: buy 2 promotional items for €10. The same promotion can also be applied with different numbers of items at different prices. In the event that different articles can be combined, this will be explicitly stated.
The following applies to 2nd item for half price: buy 2 promotional items and get the 2nd item for half the price. The discount is deducted from the cheapest item.
For 2nd article with 30% discount: buy 2 promotional items and get 30% discount on the 2nd article. The discount is deducted from the cheapest item.
Multi-piece offers/discounts are automatically deducted from the receipt/in your shopping cart.

For multi-piece offers, a discount is only given when the number of pieces indicated is purchased in one transaction.

  • The discount coupon is valid for the period stated on the coupon.
    Only one same coupon can be used per customer per transaction.
    Multiple coupons cannot be used on the same item, a maximum of one coupon can be used per item.
    The discount is only granted if the discount voucher is shown/handed over in advance at checkout. When using a (choice) discount coupon, it must be made known to which item the discount should be applied.
    The discount coupon is not valid in combination with other current discount promotions.
    The coupon is not valid on local discounts in the branches with the from/for stickers.
    The discount voucher is not valid on: current offers, deposit and down payments, fixed low price items (recognizable by the fixed low price logo), 'online only' items, clearance and extra online deals.
    Online, the discount coupon is automatically calculated in your shopping cart.
    Duplicating the coupon or distributing it is not allowed.
    Only original coupons are valid.

Additional specifically for Choice discount coupon
The discount applies to one item of your choice.
If you buy more pieces of exactly the same items, the discount applies to all these items. In case of doubt, the EAN code is decisive.

Additional specifically for a Webshop discount code
This discount code can only be redeemed online.

Additional specifically for Birthday Discount
If the Birthday discount:
A Webshop discount code can only be redeemed online.
Additional specifically for Voucher Discount
The discount applies to the entire voucher amount upon presentation of this voucher, with due observance of the above-mentioned exceptions.
These and all other terms and conditions are clearly communicated during the promotional period in the specific promotional terms and conditions.

These general promotional terms and conditions apply to all our (Mistral) offers; multi-piece offers, choice coupon, coupon discount, welcome discount, moving discount, birthday discount and webshop discount code.
Mistral reserves the right to change or prematurely terminate the promotions and promotions if there is reason to do so.
Price and model changes and text errors reserved.