Windsurf sets


Freeride Windsurfing Sets - Board and Rig

Ensuring all your windsurfing equipment elements work together is essential, so we've created perfectly matched Freeride Windsurfing Sets. Our Quikslide Freeride boards and Zonda rigs are all co-developed with Simmer and are ideally matched to optimise board and rig to perform at their best.

Sets By Board and Sail Sizes

Our Freeride all-in-one packages cover various board volumes and sail sizes. Select the board volume based on your weight, skill level, and sail size based on your ability relative to the upper limits of wind strength you are confident managing.

For the skilled rider between 70-85kg, our low-volume freeride combination of QUIKSLIDE 100L + ZONDA 6.5M is an ideal set-up; the larger sail area of 6.5m works in winds of 15-30  knots. The smaller sail combination would be better for the lighter 65-80kg rider across the same wind strengths, as supplied with our QUIKSLIDE 100L + ZONDA 5.4M.

With just an extra 10 litres of volume, our 110L Quikslide boards will support an additional 10kg of body weight greater than our 100L board and include the QUIKSLIDE 110L + ZONDA 5.4M, QUIKSLIDE 110L + ZONDA 6.5M. The 7.8m sail, as supplied with our QUIKSLIDE 110L + ZONDA 7.8M. is the maximum recommended sail area for the board and requires high skill and physicality between 15-25 knots. 

Our 120 and 130L Quikslide boards are 'hybrids' and can be ridden with fin or foil using the Deep Tuttle box connection. Whether you ride with fin or foil will determine your sail sizes; IMPORTANTLY, downsize your sail size by 1-2m for foiling riding.

Our 120L board is a great intermediate size for learning foiling in lighter winds and is supplied in the following combinations: QUIKSLIDE 120L + ZONDA 5.4M, QUIKSLIDE 120L + ZONDA 6.5M, and QUIKSLIDE 120L + ZONDA 7.8M. 

For the heavier rider of 90+ kg, consider our 130L combinations: QUIKSLIDE 130L + ZONDA 5.4M, QUIKSLIDE 130L + ZONDA 6.5M, QUIKSLIDE 130L + ZONDA 7.8M

Quikslide Freeride Boards

Developed with Simmer, these boards excel in speed and control. Enjoy insanely sweet gybes, outstanding acceleration and easy riding. Early planing, quick acceleration, a comfortable ride over choppy waters, capable of achieving high speeds, and highly positive control and bite during carve jibes due to beautifully shaped, thin rails. It is ideally suited for anybody looking to stomp gybes and moves like downwind 360s for the first time or build consistency.

The design features:

• Freeride progressive, performance-orientated rocker line.
• Low profile deck 
• Thin hard rear rails deliver maximum levels of turning control.
• Perfect width for alternative gybing moves and tacking.

Hybrid Sets for Fin of Foil Riding 

We have boards within our sets that can be sailed with fin or foil. These include the Quikslide 120L set with 5.4m, 6.5m or 7.8m Zonda rig or 130L Freeride Windsurfing Set with 5.4m, 6.5m or 7.8m Zonda rig supplied with a Deep Tuttle fin box.

Zonda Windsurfing Sails

Our complete Freeride Rigs are skillfully put together to be super-efficient. Construction includes:

• 175 monofilament windows
• x-ply luff panels
• Nylon leach protection
• Single-layer Dacron® head panels.
 • The boom head clamp and double-down haul pulley system make rigging a breeze in combination with the pin lock adjustable boom.

Designed in collaboration with Simmer Sails, our Zonda sails provided in our Freeride Windsurfing Sets are highly tuneable and forgiving when the wind’s inconsistent, delivering pure, freeride windsurfing and feature a five batten sail profile, useable over a wide wind range. Well balanced and forgiving in the gusts due to leach twist-off.

This forgiving nature is also noticeable through moves and manoeuvres, flat landings absorbing and cushioning over-load. They're also great to pump, reacting instantly when effort's put in; even in marginal winds, they will generate speed to get your board planing.

Freeride Windsurfing Boom

Our Zonda rigs have:

• An adjustable aluminium boom
• Quick-lock apex clamp
• Narrow 27 mm diameter for a positive grip
• Four double-pin adjustable system.
• An extension range that covers almost all sail sizes,
• The freeride boom outline is to be closer to the rig for maximum control.

Mast and Mast Extension

Each rig includes:

2-piece 40/60 carbon/GRP Standard Diameter Mast (SDM).
A durable, lightweight aluminium mast extension
• A 'Universal Pin System' mast foot with a quick-release button.
Double pulleys for friction-free, high-tension down-hauling.