Silver Tip 8" - Polycarbonate SUP fin

Polycarbonate, weed-free, raked design, medium aspect ratio SUP fin, designed for maximum lateral stability and minimal drag at low speeds.

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Our 8” weed-free paddleboard fin has been custom-designed to provide maximum lateral stability and minimal drag with weed-free snagging qualities. It is ideal for all stand-up paddleboards up to 12’6 in length, whether inflatable or in a laminated construction.

Adapted from our race pedigree SUP fin, our 8” raked weed-free paddleboard fin design has a surface area of 36.6in2 / 236cm2 and is optimally angled backwards to minimise snagging of flotsam and jetsam, including reeds and seaweed. The raked angle of this SUP fin contributes to smooth, controlled turns using weight transition through the feet, rail to rail, or using the paddle or both in combination. Stand-up paddle boards travel at relatively slow speeds and require a fin capable of providing lateral resistance to keep the board travelling in a straight line, offer a smooth turning circle, and resist the tail moving side to side during the paddling phase. Our Mistral inflatable paddle board fin is designed for maximum lateral stability and minimal drag at low speeds and is Ideal for paddleboards up to 12’6 in length in low winds and calm waters.

A SUP fin is an essential accessory which contributes to holding your paddleboard on a straight course while paddling. Constructed from moulded, durable polycarbonate, this unique SUP fin has been custom-designed by our R&D team. Polycarbonate is a semi-soft plastic material with a degree of flexibility, which, when you strike the ground, allows for some impact resistance and protects the fin box to which it is connected. This SUP fin conforms to being fitted into a universal fin box, slotted into the fin box slot via the brass pin at the fin's rear heel, secured via a thumb-turned screw into a plate within the slot. Thus, it requires no tools.

Supplied with most of our inflatable paddleboards, this 8” blue weed-free fin will improve the straight-line performance and controllability of your turns of any regular inflatable paddleboard fitted with a universal fin box and represents an inexpensive upgrade.

Feature Benefits
Raked design for weed-free performance
Optimum rake for directional stability and turning
Low-speed design specifically for SUP
Universal base with a brass pin, screw and plate fitting
Durable polycarbonate construction

8” Fin
Thumb turn screw

Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Polycarbonate
  • Care Take care to avoid high impact with rocks and objects which my cause damage. Do not leave exposed to strong sunlight for extended time. Use 150 grit sandpaper to sand out any rough edges from time to time if needed.
  • Storage When not in use secure in bag supplied and fit screw and plate to the heel of the base in order to avoid loss. Store out of direct sunlight and rinse free of salt crystals.
  • Color Blue