Skywave Air 5'4 / 130L - Inflatable Wing Foil Board

Our Skywave Air 5’4 inflatable wing foiling board is the perfect learning partner as a low-impact platform that will take you from beginner to intermediate wingfoil rider. With the bonus of ease of travel and storage.

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Introducing the Skywave Air, the pinnacle of design in inflatable wingfoiling and SUP foiling inflatable board technology. The Skywave Air sets the standard for convenience and performance, offering ease of travel to wingfoiling and SUP foiling destinations worldwide.

Our inflatable wing boards are designed for those beginning their wing foiling journey with an ample width of 30” and a generous volume of 130 litres, making this board remarkably stable. The inflatable construction makes the board super comfortable and low impact during the learning phases. Transitioning from kneeling to standing is easy thanks to the 30" platform and 6" thick rails, providing high stability, buoyancy and support. Despite its compact size, the Skywave boasts generous volume, accommodating riders of any weight. The extra rocker on the nose makes for softer, safer touchdowns. With a length of only 5'4", the Skywave overall features a relatively low and flat rocker-line curvature from nose to tail, facilitating early take-off and pre-flight glide, freeriding and making fun manoeuvres possible.

The board is built around a lightweight, super-strong carbon plate with dual-track carbon cassette US boxes, allowing for the fitting of compatible dual track-mounted hydrofoils. Our carbon plate system makes the foil mounting solid and secure, ensuring optimal performance and versatility. This outstanding technology is combined with our woven Twine-X®, Fusion Double Layer drop stitch inflatable material, with 15,000 polyester threads /m2. This provides high levels of structural support and achieves a remarkable level of stiffness. The smooth deck EVA is super comfortable. The rear quarter uses diamond patterned groves for added step-back traction, and the surf-styled removable footstraps are screwed into embedded inserts. The fast-flow rigged tail edge also promotes early lift by reducing stern suction, enhancing the board's performance and manoeuvrability. The bottom of the board has a recessed finger slot for carrying. This board comes complete with carry bag, pump, repair kit and leg leash.

With advancements in inflatable and carbon technology, our Skywave Air 5'4 inflatable wingfoiling board provides the ideal learning platform for winging. It also offers ease of storage and travel in a ready-to-ride package.

Included equipment
  • Bag A high-quality functional bag for your inflatable board and accessories is essential to your inflatable board experience. Our design ensures all items fit easily with room to spare room. They include fully adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Connection Hardware Foot strap fitment hardware
  • Foot Strap 3 high quality, removable, padded, adjustable foot straps for barefoot or boot riding.
  • Pump Our dual-action pump permits, at the flick of a switch, to alternate between single-action and dual-action inflation. Dual action setting forces air into the board chamber on both the up and down stroke, best used up to the first 5-6psi of inflation to speed up the process. Setting the switch to single-action permits full inflation, with air only entering on the down stroke. A precise pounds per square inch (psi) gauge indicates internal pressure. Pump dimensions, 61.5 x 26 x 7.5.
  • Repair Kit In addition, there are PVC patches, contact glue for minor repairs, and a valve spanner.
  • Valve The board is fitted with an H4 valve type, positioned at the nose (bow), tested beyond 60 psi, and highly durable.
  • Carbon Plate Weighing approximately 1.9kg, the carbon plate is the standout design feature of our inflatable wing foil board. The super strong pre-preg carbon plate is firmly glued under thick, high-density waterproof PVC and further supported by an EPS foam laminate.
  • Base Material We use our highest quality Twine-X®, Fusion Double Layer PVC, fused together into a thin single layer. The woven base is flow-coated with liquid PVC to make it air and water-tight. 15,000 threads /m2 are incorporated, and the weave is a unique woven type
  • Riding level Starter, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal rider weight Up to 100 kg
Materials, care & storage
  • Construction technology Twine-X
  • Threads per m2 15.000
  • Care Your inflatable board requires active care. Regularly inspect seams and valve for air leaks. Carry out repairs using the repair patches provided. If the valve leaks air, gently tighten with valve spanner supplied until it seals. Do not drag over the ground; use the carry handle provided. Under inflate 2psi in strong UV. Avoid contact with rocks, oysters and similar sharp objects. Remove stubborn marks with white spirits or PVC marine-based cleaner. Do not use abrasive creams or pads. Rinse with fresh water after use. Towel or air dry before folding away. Fold from tail of board towards nose to evacuate all air from chamber.
  • Storage To extend the life of your inflatable board, protect the seams' structural integrity and prevent mould growth, ensure the following when storing over winter or for a long time. Rinse board with fresh water to remove salt crystals. Towel or air dry, deflate fully, fold and store in the bag provided with all accessories. Stow in a dry, undercover space away from humid air, such as radiators or hot water pipes. To store inflated, wash, dry, and deflate to 10 psi. Position upside down on a rack or horizontally against a wall. To prevent deformation, do not top load with objects.
Product size
  • Product length 162.56cm
  • Activities Winging
  • Color Blue
Board Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
5'4 | 163 cm 30" | 76 cm 6.0" | 15.2 cm 130