Skywave 135L Wing foil Board + 'Sultan' Mistral/SAB 1747 Hydrofoil + 5m Sphinx Wing

The hydrofoil is the core element of successful foiling. With our handmade Italian SAB / Mistral set,  you're investing in world-class technology; easily upgradeable and interchangeable so that as your skill levels improve, swopping out key components (mast, fuselage, front foil and rear stab) ensures your investment will grow with you. This package is the perfect wingfoiling starting point if you've pre-existing skill sets from related sports.



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The heart of foiling lies in the quality and designs of the hydrofoil componentry. With our teaming with SAB Foils Italy, with their fluid interchangeability and design quality, you are investing in top-end equipment so that your only future consideration may be upgrading your board and wing as your skills improve. If you've pre-existing skills from related sports, you will immediately embrace the quality and performance, accelerating your learning curve; this particular combination of hydrofoil, inflatable board and wing are ideal where travel and storage are important factors.

SAB X MISTRAL HYDROFOIL SET 1747/F70/M83: The SAB foil / Mistral fully interchangeable Sultan FW1747 hydrofoil system provides a ready-to-ride solution for wing foiling and those who enjoy freeriding in low to moderate winds. The surface area of 1747 cm2 and 830 mm wingspan guarantee exceptional levels of lift and ease of use, making it a great first-flight choice. Manoeuvrability and ease of pumping make for a quick take-off where speed is not your maximum priority. Suitable for Freeride (Low Wind) and Freestyle (High Wind). You can upgrade and configure your ride at any time.

Configuration options

SKYWAVE  6'5/170L: The Skywave 135L board is nimble under the feet for heavier entry-level to intermediate riders. Volume distribution and the surface area provide added water stability, improving ease of take-off. Dished standing area, hard rear rails for stability on landing and clean take off. Minimal rocker for easy take-off, fast-release low-drag hull design, and boxy rails for directional control. 

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MISTRAL SPHINX WING 5.0m2 WING: The Sphinx wing features an advanced fabric cut. Most wings run panels horizontally and parallel to the central strut resulting in opposing torsional forces forming stress creases diagonally in opposing angles to the panels. This radial cut wing ensures the fabric tension radiates outward from the rear to the leading edges, spreading the load in sync with the canopy spinnaker cloth in a more uniform direction. The result is improved canopy rigidity. Offers high-end, all-round capabilities.

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Included equipment
  • Leash BOARD TO RIDER 10' coiled safety leash attaches to the rear deck D-ring, the padded cuff fitting below the knee or around the ankle. WING TO RIDER wrist leash supplied with the wing.
  • Bag A separate, quality hydrofoil kit bag.
  • Mast M83K mast
  • Front Wing FW1747 Front Wing
  • Stab Stab 316
  • Fuselage F753K Fuselage
  • Rail Plate CP02K Carbon Rail Plate + Stainless Plate to Board Rail Screws and Truck Nuts
  • Connection Hardware MH138 Hardware Kit for F703K, Flat Head Screws Hex M8x35x2 + Conical Washers x2 MH108 Hardware Kit for Stab 316 Flat Head screws M6x16mmx2 MH135 Hardware Kit for FW1747 Flat Head Screws Hex M8x35 x1 + Flat Head Screws Hex M8x30x2
  • Vibration Pads Foam Pads to fit Carbon Rail Plate
  • Tools Allen Keys, Torx Key, Grease
  • Shims 0,5°/-1°/-1,5°/-2°/-2,5°/-3°
  • Foot Strap 3 high quality, removable, padded, adjustable foot straps for barefoot or boot riding.
  • Valve An air expansion valve is featured within the deck to release expanded air from the inner foam core due to heat build-up to prevent deformation.
  • Deck Profile Marginally dished
  • Deck Pad EVA diamond pattern non-slip decking.
  • Rail Profile Box
  • Kick Tail Raised EVA step back pad
  • Tail Profile Square
  • Box Type Dual 11" US box for rail plate
  • Mast Specs Carbon M83K - Height 830 mm Front Wing FW1747 Span 999 mm Surface 1747 cm2 Root Chord 225 mm Aspect Ratio 5.71 Max Thickness 25.9 mm
  • Front Wing Specs Carbon FW1747 - Span 999 mm Surface 1747 cm2 Root Chord 225 mm Aspect Ratio 5.71 Max Thickness 25.9 mm
  • Fuselage Specs Aluminium - Length 703 mm Connection Type T8
  • Base Material Carbon epoxy laminate with EPS foam core
  • Handle Design Carbon, deep recess
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description BOARD Topside, carbon epoxy 6oz+0.5mm bamboo +6oz. Standing area additional 1mm PVC+6oz. Underside, 6oz+0.5mm bamboo +6oz. Foil box area additional 1mm PVC+6oz. Core 18kg EPS + fibreglass stringer.
  • Care Rinse all items with fresh water and air dry before stowing. IMPORTANT: Use gel on all foil hex bolts before assembly. Rinse with fresh water after use. Avoid seizure.
  • Storage Rinse all items a store dry away from heat sources.
  • Color Blue, Orange
Board Length Board Thickness Board Volume (L)
6'5 6.0" | 15.2 cm 135